With all the buzz surrounding Witchbrook, the farming meets Harry Potter video game envisioned by Chucklefish, I thought it would be fun to journey through the strange land that is the internet in search of other video games within this unique subgenre. While not many video games artistically craft magic and farming the way Chucklefish boasts, there’s one game in particular that caught my attention. This game has almost no information released about it adding a dimension of mystery and thus piquing my interest. Little Witch in the Woods seems like an eccentric and inventive title that I’d love to add to my ever-growing collection of favorite farming simulators.

'Little Witch in the Woods' Trailer 0-25 screenshot

Source: Screenshot of Little Witch in the Woods

Developer Sunny Side Up has only recently begun a Twitter campaign to display the striking graphics embedded within Little Witch in the Woods. While this is slightly frustrating to someone as greedy for knowledge as myself, I have to admit it causes me a bit of heartache. From what I can gather, based on speculation alone, this fantasy role-playing game is focused on a young witch named Ellie, who is new in town and is hellbent on joining the famous witch house. It is there that she will utilize her knowledge to grow her powers and become the young independent witch we all know she is. However, upon her arrival in this sparse town, she finds the witch house barren.

'Little Witch in the Woods' Trailer 0-14 screenshot

Source: Screenshot of Little Witch in the Woods

With her destiny in mind, Ellie will use her wit and cunning to grow and collect plants or animal furs for her various spells as well as traverse new and distant lands to achieve her goal. Along the way, she’ll make friends with the fascinating townsfolk and unlock untold secrets of the land. This town is a mysterious place full of awe and wonders just waiting for Ellie to pounce. From beasts that punch honey onto your face to cute bouncing bunnies, there’s no telling what Ellie will encounter on her quest to becoming the best witch she can be.

'Little Witch in the Woods' Trailer 0-35 screenshot

Source: Screenshot of Little Witch in the Woods

Upon watching the trailer, I immediately fell in love. I remember keeping it in my line of sight for at least an hour, watching it repeatedly until I could narrate each scene by heart. From what I’ve gathered, Little Witch in the Woods will be a huge success. Based on the graphics and music alone, I know that there will be more secrets to unfold. My only hope is that Sunny Side Up will push out some information soon so that us impatient folk can get a taste. Overall, I predict that Little Witch in the Woods will be a magical treat for gamers everywhere.