Episode 1 Harlots

Photo by: Liam Daniel/Hulu

When we left off of season 1 of Harlots, Maggie and Quigley were still going toe to toe and it seems like Quigley has won due to Charlotte seemingly taking her side. Quigley has also put out the Scanwell’s so they are homeless. Emily Lacy has her hooks in Charles and Lucy is on some type of journey of self-discovery. The rest of the girls are settling in the new house despite all the challenges and we watch as Harriet basically falls for Maggie’s man, Mr. North. Fast forward to season 2 and we enter Maggie’s bawd and there is unrest. Maggie feels as though Harriet is after her man and puts her out as a result of those feels. Personally, I agree with her. Harriet was giving her a hard time since the moment she came into the house. Will leaves the house as well after Maggie put out  Harriet, stating that she is not the problem. The fact that she killed Sir George is their issue. Now, we also have a new justice, Josiah Hunt. Who is a stuttering fool who means well but can’t quite seem to get things right, no matter what he does. And don’t forget, Violet, Amelia’s love interest, has been sent to the America’s for stealing.

Skipping over to good old Quigley’s house, where Charlotte current resides,  old Justice Hunt is paying her house a visit, only to arrest Quigley, unbeknownst to her. She thinks he’s a patron. She is then arrested and carted off to jail. Meanwhile, Maggie pays a visit to Nancy and she is always her voice of reason and truth. Trying to help Violet she ends up in court and finds out that Quigley has been arrested and fined 500 pounds so back to jail she goes and everyone is shocked and happy that she’s arrested, for now. In the background Nancy and Maggie are trying to build a case against Quigley to have her put away for a long time. Recruiting Emily Lacy  and Amelia to testify against her on kidnapping charges, but both refuse.

Since Quigley has been arrested, Charles believes Golden Square is his own to run and decides to head to the house to claim what his mother left. Charlotte, however is trying to get Quigley out of jail. Even with that small triumph there is unrest on Greek St. The girls are now looking at Maggie in a different way. But let’s not forget, she finished off Sir George for Lucy, who is acting very haughty and like she knows everything. Definitely not the same timid Lucy from season 1. We also know from season 1, Lord Fallon has his sites set on Lucy and is plotting to get to her to force her mother into submission, thanks to good old Quigley. For the moment, Quigley has the upper hand even being locked up.

We also meet two new characters, Lady Fitz and her brother Blayne. Quigley has sent Charlotte to Lady Fitz to ask her for the bail money and Lucy is falling into Lord Fallon’s trap. It is like at first she could see right through him, and then she knowingly looks for the snake. At the local tavern, Maggie goes to get her man and finds Harriet pushing up on her man and she realized that her fears were true but not on the part of Will. Charlotte bust in distracting Will from a fight he gets in because of Harriet, once again. She is so ungrateful and annoying. In the beginning she was snobbish until her white husband died.  We come back to Greek Street and Lord Fallon and company has launched a full on assault on Maggie’s girl. Kitty takes off with Lord Fallon without telling anyone and Emily Lacey has decided to speak against Quigley, only because she wants Golden Square. We also learn a little bit more about the sister and brother duo. And we also learn that Lady Fitz is a prisoner at the mercy of her brother in a society ruled by men. Clearly there is more to that story. The show leaves off with a knock on the door and Fancy goes to answer it only to find Kitty dead on the doorstep with her throat cut.