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On this episode of Riverdale, we discovered how Betty’s second mole also became a permanent farmer. We also discovered that Evelyn is not who she says she. Archie soon lived up to the given nickname by Ellio is known as the “Riverdale” reaper and Jughead got caught up in an intense game of G&G thanks to Gladys. Hopefully soon enough y’all of these events will lead up mastermind behind the sudden outbreak of G&G players and laced fizzle rocks.
 Mission: Save Princess Jelly Bean
 When F.P and Jughead captured the chef of the defective fizzle rocks, they were informed that jelly bean was is in danger if they do happen to kill him. The problem was the only way that they could collect her was if the three of them played G&G with Kurt’s. This eventually lead to Gladys revealing herself to F.P as the new drug dealer in Riverdale. The disappointment that filled his eyes hurt much more than her leaving him before. If the drug game was really that important to Gladys she should’ve left her family out of it and kept her identity a secret.
    Gladys was forced to fight Penelope as a part of the quest with daggers. The injuries were bad but it had to be done. Jughead was then trapped by Kurtz because he was convinced that Jelly bean was at the scene.  After jughead escaped he discovered Kurtz who was killed by the gargoyle king the question now is who is posing as the gargoyle king and why is Ricky trying to be friends with jellybean.  After jughead retrieved jellybean safely, Gladys decided to leave Riverdale and leave jellybean in custody of FP Jones.
The Retired Reaper
  It turns out the quarrel between Archie and Ronson ended in death.  Ronson‘s family attacked Archie in the media which made him feel guilty. Archie then decided that he would no longer step foot in the Greek in the ring because he believed that it was his fault. But it turns out that Ronson was actually juicing the same fizzle rocks that made the high school cheerleader bang her head against the locker aggressively. The Law then turned to Archie because Ellio told them that it was Archie who had drugs and had giving them to Rohnson. Helio then proposed a business deal to Archie by insisting that he would make a lot of money being known as the Riverdale reaper. But what Archie didn’t know was that Ellio is now aligning himself with Hiram lodge who plans to take him down for pointing a gun at his head.
                    Betty against the farm
 Betty glad when that her mother is getting engaged to Edgar ever and ever and plan to adopt the twins. But the only mole that she had left ended up turning on her. The farm chased
after her like a maniac to get her to join their cult, but she remains the only levelheaded member left in the high school who can refuse the delights that the farm has to offer. She was left to turn to Penelope who is also the grandmother of the twins. Unfortunately this She could only do so much. As a result, she gained one twin but, Betty refused to leave without the other because they needed to be together. I don’t understand why Penelope would only accept one of the twins in the first place when she had twins of her own and knew how it felt for Cheryl when she lost her big brother. I’m actually surprised that Penelope hasn’t joined the farm since Cheryl is only a part of it because she gets to see Jason.
  At the end of this episode, Betty also discovered that her father was being transported to Hiram’s present when it suddenly crashed and killed all of the passengers which was also her father. It was such a shocking death and hopefully, her father was that the only source that could possibly help Betty get her mom from the farm. I don’t think that this bus crash was kind of coincidental. I think someone who really hated Betty’s father decided to pay him a visit or all of the prisoners a visit to take their lives. Maybe that someone is Penelope or it could be someone who he want to be loved like Alice. The truth is we don’t know what’s the farm is really about and we don’t know what the farm is really capable of doing. They could actually be murderers.
Rating 4.5/5
I read it this episode a 4.5 because I enjoyed watching Betty put the pieces together of the farm cult. It actually didn’t surprise me to discover that Evelyn is a grown woman.  I wonder how she was able to get away with enrolling in so many schools as a junior as a grown woman. I also think is really nasty that she tells everyone that Edgar is her father when he is actually her husband. I wonder if Edgar has several other wives and just plans to couldn’t continue to grow a village of sister wives and children that aren’t his. I also wonder why Alice would agree to accept the twins as her own children when they are actually her grandchildren. The Farm is actually creepier than I thought. If these things occur there is no telling what else could possibly be going on and how much the farm is allowed to get away with. Not only do they have principal Weatherbee Cheryl, Toni, and Kevin, but they have Betty’s mom who is pretty much all she has left since her father is in jail which leaves her no choice but to turn to him and her time of need.
       I also enjoyed this episode because jughead finally got Gladys out of Riverdale. it was sad to see the family split up because FP looked truly happy when Gladys was there and they live together as a family but being a family wasn’t important to Gladys being a drug dealer for us. Hopefully, she will return with good intentions. If not jughead will continue to stop crime with his father and hopefully find this gargoyle king poster. I’m also looking forward to seeing jughead help Betty out with the farm secrets. Maybe he can crack the Culture traditions into making sense.

The only thing that I really didn’t like about this episode was the split between Josie and Archie. She admitted that the two weren’t the endgame, which I can understand because she is completely devoted to her music. Seeing her exit the show is heartbreaking because I will miss her singing at Le Bon Nuit and other musical scenes on the show. Hopefully, they will bring her back sometime in the next season. As for Archie, this was only a lead way into bringing Veronica back into his life. Especially since she likes to hibernate in men when she is having daddy issues. There is only a matter of time before these two will be going to prom together.