Did you ever grow up watching Dragon Ball Z as a kid and wished you could take part in the battles as well? Well, if you answered yes to that, then I’ve got just the game for you called, “Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2”.

Xenoverse 2 is an action/arena role playing game where you can make your own character and enter the world of Dragon Ball! Here you can interact with the rest of the cast of the anime/manga, be it the heroes like Goku, Krillian, Gohan to even the villains like Cell, Frieza and Zamasu and even learn from them all of their powerful moves and techniques. It’s the ultimate wish fulfillment for any Dragon Ball fan!

Some background must be given though, as the name implies Xenoverse 2 is a sequel to the first Xenoverse that was released back on PS3, Xbox 360 alongside current generation ports on the PS4 and Xbox One. In the first Xenoverse you did mostly the same as you do in the sequel, but the story revolved around Future Trunks wishing for a powerful fighter (i.e: you) to come to his timeline and help him save all the other timelines from the dark wizard, Demigra.

The plot heavily revolved around the villain trying to rewrite time and make things go horribly wrong from how we grew up watching the anime/manga as in characters dying when they weren’t supposed to die, to even chain of events not occurring how they needed to be, etc. Your job was then to effectively restore the timeline and righting all the wrongs Demigra made. It was pretty straightforward of a Dragon Ball plot in execution, but the real blast actually came from the multiplayer mode that you could play whenever you want on the side.

In multiplayer, you had two ways to play it. First there was the competitive mode where you went online and had 3 vs 3 matches with other players and their custom characters, to see who was the strongest team or player. On top of this, there were even tournaments held here and there for players to prove their skills. Then there was a cooperative mode, here players can go on side missions with other players and try to fix inconsistencies. Do certain things the right way and you may unlock hidden routes and bosses to face off in those exact same missions.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Photo Source: store.playstation.com / Bandai Namco

To further add to the RPG nature of the game, your character(s) were able to gain new moves from mentors as mentioned above and also gain levels to increase your over all power itself. Players had choices of the kinds of characters they wanted to make. You didn’t need to be a Saiyan like Goku, instead you can choose to be an earthling, a namekian, a majin or even a frieze race if you wanted to. There was so many things you could have done in Xenoverse 1 that it honestly felt like a mini-mmorpg or something along the lines of earlier Monster Hunter games. It had a winning formula, but at the same time, there was some notable set backs.

Xenoverse 1 had a horrible RNG — random number generator — which caused the game to not give skills, abilities or items even if you did everything correct in the mission or level. This then made players to constantly reply the same mission over and over again until they finally got what they wanted. Also the netcode wasn’t great at all and it lead to many of times where other players would simply lag in competitive fights or cooperative missions with moves never connecting right. And lastly, Xenoverse 1 came out right around the time when Dragon Ball Super was finally being made, so all of that new anime/manga content wasn’t included in the game, like the Goku Black saga and instead stopped right at Frieza’s Resurrection of F saga — the Xenoverse 1 take of the story wasn’t based on the anime/manga and instead the actual movie that came out before Dragon Ball Super first aired.

Thankfully though, Xenoverse 2 actually corrected those three mistakes and also improved what already worked wonderfully in the first game. Xenoverse 2 basically took a bigger, badder, bolder approach to everything.

Xenoverse 2’s plot picks up a few years or so after the events of the first game, here Future Trunks is now the leader of the Time Patrol, a group that is tasked to restoring and saving time from forces similar Demigra. However Future Trunks isn’t alone this time and works with both the Kai of Time and Elder Kai to get the job done along with your very own character from the first Xenoverse as his back up. Your character in Xenoverse 2 is not your character from Xenoverse 1 but instead a new recruit that was inspired by your previous character and wants to be just as heroic as them. So it’s an in continuity out of having to relearn everything that you already knew from the first game and presents your new guy as a newbie. But with how the plot unfolds though, your character in Xenoverse 2 actually may be stronger then your character in Xenoverse 1!

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

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Everything else though when it comes to the multiplayer is exactly the same as the first game, but there is one added thing to it and that is the Raid and Extreme Mission modes. Here a party of 6 players can team up together and take on tougher versions of villains in battles that are a bit more hectic then the normal missions but at the same time mimic the way the anime and manage would play out.

Now comes the biggest change from Xenoverse 1 to Xenoverse 2 and that is the hub world that you walk around in, in between everything else that you do. You see, in Xenoverse 1 it was actually a small town, that was divided into three locations. There was the market area where you can buy items, then the main story area where you can continue the plot, then there was the most crowded area in the game, the free mission section where you can either team up or face other players. And then scattered amongst these three areas would be Goku and the others as mentors who would come and go based off of RNG. For what it was, it was okay but it never felt truly unique or memorable and looking for a certain mentor could take forever. Luckily in Xenoverse 2, that hubworld is fully expanded and is seamless, you no longer have to jump between sections — only the main story area and the different faction sides are separate. This new hub world is called, Conton City.

In Conton City you can actually fly to any locations you see on the map, and easily find any mentor you want — they remain stationary this time! It’s not a true open world area, but at the same time it sure does feel like it with every other player flying around doing things as you are doing things yourself. You can even trigger special quests and seasonal events this way, like when Frieza’s army starts invading and you need to defend the city from them. Other things you can do is enter the separate factions area, which are based off of each of the races you can be and do side quest for them which can then unlock new transformations for your characters.

The only two down sides that Xenoverse 2 has is the fact that a lot of the cooperative missions are copy/pasted from the first Xenoverse and that the story itself ended right at the end of the Zamasu saga, so the Universal Survival saga isn’t a part of this game at all as in actual stories or anything, just quick little missions to do with a few new playable characters like Jiren and Ultra Instinct Goku.

However, the best thing about Xenoverse 2 compared to the previous entry is the fact that Bandai Namco is still actively supporting the game for nearly 5 years since release! They keep giving out free updates that add both an extra story mode where you can choose to change things around compared to the actual story and also a mini-game of sorts in the form of the Hero Coliseum where you can collect tiny action figures of all the characters and have those figures battle it out almost Yugioh like. To add to this, there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight for all the downloadable contents. Just a few weeks ago, they released Extra Pack 3 which featured both Super Baby Vegeta and Kefla as characters, with also extra moves to learn and new missions to take on!

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Photo Source: Bandai Namco

It’s not weird at all that Xenoverse 2 still has a strong and loyal fanbase, it’s a game that is an ultimate wish fulfillment for any Dragon Ball fan, especially as a nice alternative to Fighter Z — which is more competitive heavy and is strictly a fighting game. Xenoverse 2 on the flip side is a more relax experience even in its own competitive mode of 3 vs 3 amongst friends. It’s a game that isn’t going to be slowing down anytime soon, well not until Xenoverse 3 is finally revealed one day.