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Brooklyn Nine-Nine “The Overmining”

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If you see something, say something…come on and party tonight! (2017’s first big dance hit).

While a good sitcom is always my fave, it’s not often that I will laugh out loud at a television show…this week was a welcome exception. It started with the cold open and the awkward silent zooms on both Jake and Charles, and continued throughout the episode and each of the plotlines. “The Overmining” was a classic, hilarious Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode.

CJ (Ken Marino) is an idiot. We’ve known this for some time now, but it was further cemented when he lost a backpack filled with a football sized amount of cocaine belonging to a big time drug dealer named Flaco. Jake thought this was a golden opportunity for CJ to out himself as the idiot he truly is, but it backfired. It turns out, CJ asked to be transferred to the Police Academy, but his big screw up cost him the transfer. Solution to this mix-up? Involve CJ in the actual solving of the crime…just don’t let him do anything. Fool-proof plan, right? Wrong. While Jake worked to make sure CJ was involved with the case, but not too involved, CJ still managed to ruin everything he touched. Most specifically, in a scene where Holt and Jake were undercover and CJ would not shut up about some pedestrians in the street on the ear piece. Like, honestly. How stupid can you be?? How in the hell was this man EVER hired as a Captain?? In the end, by a stroke of luck, CJ took down Flaco (with a car door), and was awarded a medal of honor–unfairly. Luckily, Holt decided to do something dishonorable for once and put CJ in a position where he had to answer questions about the arrest in front of reporters…questions that he didn’t know how to answer!

Source: IMBD

Back at the 99, Terry was trying to prove he’s an effective lieutenant by enforcing a green initiative in the bull pin. Everyone, reluctantly, followed orders except for Gina, who refused to give up her space heaters. Just as I was starting to get really pissed at Gina and her selfishness (this happens to me about once a year), I realized, along with Amy, that Gina was pushing back only to make Terry’s victory that much sweeter! Aw, Gina, sometimes you actually do care!

And over at the foot massage parlor–seriously–Rosa and Boyle unwinded from a long night shift. They promised to keep it their nightly secret until Rosa found out the owners were laundering money. To their own dismay, they aren’t dirty cops so they had to turn in their nightly sanctuary. What a damn shame!

So, finally, our crew is back on the day shift! I never really noticed that much of a difference, but still, it will be nice to have things completely back to normal.

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