Photo Source: Fox // Brooklyn Nine Nine

The surprise return of Doug Judy, the (former) Pontiac Bandit! Oh, how we’ve missed Craig Robinson. When I say we, I mean the viewer and Jake Peralta, of course.

Jake’s wildest dream comes true when he’s asked to be a negotiator in a hostage situation…until he realizes the kidnapper is Doug Judy. Supposedly, Judy has gotten out of the crime game…for the most part…but he’s being blackmailed by a big time criminal (and jewel thief?), and in order to save his mother, he had to steal some diamonds and deliver them to this bad guy. He pulls Jake in to help him set up the criminal, which leads to some pretty fun shenanigans and Alanis Morissette karaoke-ing. In the end, Jake is semi-burned by his BFF Doug Judy when he escapes, but also turns over the stolen diamonds. Sadly, though, Jake has learned the hard lesson, once again, to not trust the Pontiac Bandit.

Jake’s other, more reliable BFF Charles opened his food truck which only served meatball subs, and he pulled Amy and Gina in to help him last minute. Turns out, Charles is the mad chef boss from hell and the ladies wanted to quit ASAP. He gets it from his grandma…it’s not a good look. Will Charles EVER execute a plan successfully??

Speaking of success, Holt and Terry spiffed up Hitchcock to talk to an NYPD administrator about Holt’s performance and surprisingly enough, Hitchcock IS capable of being My Fair Lady’d. If only that could last.

Another week, another solid B99 episode! Here’s hoping the trend continues!