This episode picks up right where the previous episode left off. Mayhem has been pulled into Tyrone’s cloak after going Rambo on the gang that was holding the kidnapped girls. Tandy and Ty get into a conversation about where Mayhem is, and Ty admits that he’s not sure. He states he feels as though she passed through him onto somewhere else, and he finally admits that the same thing happen on the rooftop with Connors. Tandy is understandable upset that Tyrone had not told her this before.

Tandy decides that she needs to go in after her in order to get her help in continuing solving the case of the kidnapped girls. Ty explains that he has to be scared in order for it to activate. Despite throwing light daggers, what finally triggers the fear is when Ty admits that he was afraid to try to bring Connors back, because he was afraid he would not be strong enough to “do what needed to be done”.  With the promise that they would continue the conversation later Tandy goes through the Cloak into the other place to find Mayhem.

As the two split, we see how connected Tandy’s and Ty’s powers truly are. Tandy runs into the younger version of Ty, who introduces himself as “I am that which stands at the crossroads”. He allows her access to a space where she can pursue Mayhem.c&d

In order to pursue Mayhem, Tandy has to agree to not use her powers. What she doesn’t know is that Ty also loses his power in the real world.

Meanwhile, Ty finds out that the gang has found out who he is and knows that he has to go save his mother. When he attempts to use his power, he is unable to due to the trade off Tandy made. They are eventually able to escape through “conventional” means, except the fact that his mother uses a screwdriver to start a car.

Tandy finds Mayhem and eventually find a record store with the stories of the young ladies that have been taken. She also finds her own name and listens three unopened albums. This is an aspect of the show that I have always liked. Music has always been another character on the show and during this piece it is emphasized as we see Tandy’s “repressed” memories. Each song fits perfectly with the scene as we watch how Tandy   was forced to shield herself from her father’s abuse of her mother.

The show continues as Tandy and Mayhem find Connors and Mayhem, being Mayhem, attempts to kill him. Tandy saves him by using her power which both triggers her being pulled out and gives Tyrone his powers back and allows him to escape a home where he was trapped and where the police where about to raid. Unfortunately instead of pulling Mayhem out with her, Connors comes back with Tandy and Tyrone sees him jumping out of the window of the church as the show closes.

This was a good episode, because they continue the theme of the season with showing the light and dark sides of everyone. The journey each character is on parallels one another.  4