We al like Batman, don’t we? But we love his trusty old butler Alfred even more. It shouldn’t surprise you then that EPIX has decided to create a series based on him called Pennyworth.


Source: EPIX

Pennyworth tells the backstory of Alfred Pennyworth. Alfred, best known as Bruce Wayne’s childhood caretaker, butler and confidant, is portrayed in the show as a young man and former British SAS soldier in 1960s London, who creates a security company with Bruce’s dad, Thomas. At some point, both have to fight against Bet Sykes, who will play the villain in the five-episode long first season. And that while at first the two men don’t like each other very much and will even fight over the same girl, Martha. And as we know, Thomas wins her over eventually.


Source: @PennyworthEpix on twitter

We already got our first glimpse of 1960s London at this years SDCC. Attendees were able to stop by the Oxford Social Club at the Pendry Hotel (435 Fifth Ave) to step into the underworld of London and the Velvet Rope, a high-society London lounge filled with gambling and various performances. It even featured a library that led to the posh hidden headquarters of the Raven Society.

SDCC also hosted a Pennyworth Special Video Presentation and Q&A where we got some more information on the upcoming season. Like that, every episode will be stand-alone, but the first season will still be a complete story and it is essentially a prequel to Gotham. Jack Bannon, playing Alfred, described the series as ‘Bizarre, dark, sexy and weird’. Well if that doesn’t sound promising, I don’t know what will!


Source: EPIX

Check out the trailer here and Pennyworth debuts on EPIX on July 28th.