Killing Eve season two premiered on April 7, 2019, on BBC America and let me tell you, this season was a rollercoaster. I don’t want to just spew out spoilers but rather dive into Eve’s obsession if you haven’t yet seen season one I highly recommend watching it or reading JaimeeRindy’s article. Killing Eve follows the story of Eve, security services operative turned spy played by Sandra Oh and Villanelle a vengeful assassin played by Jodie Comer. As the two become even more intertwined, we see Eve’s alignment change from lawful good to chaotic neutral at best.

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Season two showed the downfall of Eve and how she quickly became obsessed with Villanelle. What was once an elegant game of cat and mouse, became a total train wreck. Eve found herself unable to function when not around Villanelle and completely disregarded who she was before this job. She had a life with friends and a fantastic husband only to lose them all in one fell swoop. Season one installed a fear within Eve that Villanelle would kill her and season two showed her protective side. I’m uncertain if Eve has fallen for Villanelle or if she is simply jealous of Villanelle’s lifestyle.

Villanelle in pink dress

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Now I’m not saying Eve wants to be an assassin but hear me out. Eve goes from stabbing Villanelle, perhaps in a fit of frustration and resentment, to axing Villanelle’s new handler to save her. While I know many fans have emphasized their desire for the duo to be together, it’s completely toxic and honestly unhealthy for both of them. However, Villanelle is free to do as she wishes. She’s not stuck behind a desk or tied down to a man. She is the poster girl for a strong, independent woman. Plus, she has a pretty amazing wardrobe, I loved that pink dress. Sure, Villanelle may be attractive in Eve’s eyes but deep down she’d have to know that it would never work, right?

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To be fair, I also understand that the show is supposed to be centered around the obsession of some sort rather it be Villanelle’s obsession with Eve or vice versa. As a psychology major, I like to attempt to view things from a different perspective and the prospect of Eve being jealous of Villanelle was intriguing. I mean, who wouldn’t want a life of excitement in which one’s actions don’t have any dire consequences? In my eyes, the two being together would be detrimental to both parties involved, it would only be a matter of who got bored or came to their senses first?


I’d love to hear what you guys think about their relationship and any ideas you have for season three!