This past Saturday, Santa Clara was graced with the presence of the Rickmobile—what better way to kick off your weekend than staring into the eyes of a massive Rick Sanchez truck? The event was graciously hosted by Illusive Comics and organized as best you could expect. With approximately 2,000 people wrapped around the business complex where the event was held, it naturally felt like controlled chaos. Fans who had avidly camped outside Illusive Comics the night before were disappointed when told that the owner would be randomly handing out tickets to 100 people who would be the first 100 people in line for the Rickmobile. Even if the campers got their hands on a ticket, they could not be guaranteed to be at the front of the line, so annoyance was understandable. Nonetheless, the event remained calm and fans remained respectful toward the event organizers.

Thankfully, Illusive Comics was open for business all day. They sold additional Rick and Morty merch, satisfying fans even if they could not get their hands on the exclusive truck. Employees also walked around the complex handing out free bottles of water to whoever needed it—San Jose heat is unforgiving to say the least, especially when it hits the 80s like it did on Saturday. So, shout out to Illusive for making sure that their patrons were well hydrated and taken care of!

Artist Danny Trang was also tabling outside the store with his amazing Rick and Morty art. He saw the opportunity to make fans happy and decided ooh wee, caaan do! We loved seeing him there and we thank him for giving fans yet another opportunity to get their R&M fix.

Danny Trang

Featuring: Danny Trang Photo Credit: Natalie Griffin, The Game of Nerds

Cosplayers also graced the event with their presence. Mr. Poopybutthole strolled around the event and was more than happy to take pictures with fans. To be honest, I have no idea how @doccanecosplay managed to keep that costume on in the sweltering heat. Major kudos to you, sir!


Alongside Mr. Poopybutthole was the iconic Pass-the-Butter Robot, represented by @edwinfabian. Unlike its animated counterpart, it was obvious that the robot’s function was to entertain and get fans pumped up. Task accomplished!


Featuring: @edwinfabian Photo Credit: Natalie Griffin, The Game of Nerds

“Wow! This sauce is f***ing amazing! You said it was promoting a movie?” – Cornvelious Daniels to Rick Sanchez

My personal favorite cosplay was definitely the Mulan Szechuan McNugget Sauce. Episode 1 of season 3 revealed this sauce to be a nostalgic favorite of Grandpa Rick’s, and it was awesome to see that represented here. I think McDonald’s should bring back the sauce to promote Rick and Morty just like they did Mulan. And I’m voting @edwinfabian to be their mascot!

Despite the atmosphere being kept lighthearted by these costume creations, fans became disappointed when they finally reached the Rickmobile itself. Before getting through the first 100 ticketed groups, the truck was nearly sold out of all its merchandise. Rumor is that the employees did not receive the refill shipment of merch they were supposed to get after their San Francisco stop. As one of those ticketed fans, this was frustrating to say the least. I cannot even fathom the disappointment that fans behind me must have felt.

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Nevertheless, the Rickmobile event was definitely enjoyable! We may not have gotten to purchase the merch we wanted, but we still got this great picture of the TGON crew in front of the truck. Peace among worlds, my nerds, and peace among fans!