Stevonnie is trapped inside a tower after being tossed inside in the previous episode. After several efforts attempting to break out of their confines, including an awesome moment where we witness Stevonnie summoning two shields, they unfuse.

Connie and Steven enjoy granola bars while discussing a new strategy. Steven is disheartened by his lack of success. It’s clear he blames himself for the other Crystal Gems being poofed. But Connie gives him a nice pep talk, reminding him that the mission to heal corrupted gems on Earth could still continue, despite their recent setbacks.

As she speaks, Steven realizes there’s one Crystal Gem that hasn’t been poofed whom he could try to contact: Bismuth.

I was so proud of Steven in this moment, as he summoned his dream powers effortlessly, seeing a star-like spot to move towards. Steven tells Connie that it may take a while and then he’s off.

Steven wakes inside a watermelon Steven, donning a star on his chest. The entirety of the sequence on Watermelon Island reveals there to be two sides on a conflict: a war-hungry side donning swords, and a pacified side wearing stars on their chests and cloth on their heads.

Steven enters into the fray to question what’s happening, eventually communicating to all the watermelon Stevens that he needs help getting off the island. After much time passes, both sides come together post-conflict to help Steven build a boat.

Watermelon Steven sails off into the ocean, making it quite far before a watermelon shark attacks, damaging the structure. Steven freaks out initially but is able to pacify the beast and the shark leaves. Steven is left wading in the sea with more distance to cover.

That is, until Lion arrives. It’s clear by now in the series that Lion is able to detect Steven in whatever form he appears, be it Watermelon Steven, or that time when Steven accidentally mind-swapped with Lars.

Lion brings him back to Beach City where Steven meets Bismuth who is repairing the house. Greg is nearby and he and Bismuth understand it’s Steven when Lion arrives carrying him.

After a game of charades using drawings Steven makes in the sand fail to explain the situation on Homeworld, Steven erased the message and simply writes: “We need backup!”

All the parallels between this and older episodes of Steven Universe were wonderful. I loved the cutaway of Greg, Lion and Bismuth done in the same way that Steven saw the Crystal Gems when he returned from Homeworld after the Trial.

AJ Michalka did a lovely job singing “Escapism” during the episode’s final scenes. The background music the song provided did well moving the otherwise soundless scenes along. I just hope that we get to see the Crystal Gems okay and Stevonnie rescued in the coming 2-hour season finale.


GIF Source: – Steven Universe – Cartoon Network

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