Isobel is a killer and Michael took the blame and now Liz has her reason to hate Max. Justified. Alex found a piece of alien material in the wall of the house Kyle’s dad gave him. With that, the past is coming to wreak havoc on our little Roswelliens. Liz’s response to that is to make an alien-killing bioweapon and Isobel has chosen to be the first guinea pig. I mean it is not as simple as I have written it, but Max and Michael are not too happy with it because they don’t know what it will do. Even still Isobel doesn’t want to continue killing people if she can help it. Liz takes this task and runs with it and she spills the beans to Kyle about what happened and why she is walking such a precarious path. where no one knows the destination.

In the meantime, Isobel’s loved ones are trying to talk some sense into her but her mind is set. Even her husband is worried for her. Don’t forget that other truth we learned a couple of episodes ago. That Rosa and Kyle were actually brother and sister and his Jim Valenti wasn’t having an affair with her. He was helping his daughter try to get her clean. Kyle knows the truth but he chooses to keep that bit of information to himself. Also, in this version, Kyle has a mom instead of a dad. Irrelevant, yes, but it was another minor detail change. Sadly, everyone is just trying to handle things the best way they can. Whether it’s lashing out, or not taking responsibility, they are all guilty of it. Kyle is the only one who acts on it and takes it upon himself to dose Isobel with the new alien killing or depowering drug.

Bizarre things keep happening and popping up all over the place. Wyatt Long comes back up. The last we saw him was setting people on fire and shooting them. He ended up in the hospital with no recollection of what he did and drawing an alien symbol. It can hardly be a coincidence and there may be some connection to the killings, the blackouts, and possible mind control. It seems there could be a third party involved, maybe. We know the aliens have powers just not the extent of them. Isobel can influence a person’s actions and used them to her advantage. Including getting Kyle to inject her with the new drug. Isobel defends her actions because she is scared. And so far so good, Isobel has no powers now. And Liz feels justified in her bull-headed self-righteousness. But how will this affect those involved? And Liz may have killed Isobel in her effort to get revenge. Her guilt pisses me off. Now she wants to be worried about someone and Max can’t heal her.

Alex confronts his dad about the alien items and the bunker. He hacks into the system and finds out all the information his dad has been hoarding. But his dad is a douche and he abuses his son. However, Alex has the upper hand now and no amount of words will change his thinking. All because his dad couldn’t handle him being gay. As payback Alex vows to destroy all he loves. In his search, he finds out that Michael is a part of it. Does this shock or scare him? We know he loves Michael but somehow they can’t seem to get on the same page at the same time. Or Alex is still afraid to be who he really is.

Michael has a plan to help save Isobel but he has to trust the enemy, Liz. But he wants to save Isobel’s life and let’s face it, he doesn’t need to protect himself from her, a lowly human. Under Michael’s trailer he has and hidden door containing a lot of found alien artifacts. Liz also found out another artifact, that Isobel is really what made her leave. But she doesn’t believe it of course. She only understands things from her point of view, not anyone else’s. But in Michael’s bunker, they may have figured out a way to save Isobel using the pods they originally came in. It’s a long shot, but better than none at all.

Noah isn’t taking things too well. I mean his wife is dying so he has a right to be upset. Isobel continues to deteriorate and the pods may be her only hope and it will preserve her. With Liz’s help, they are able to figure out how to get her in there, and now it’s the waiting game. The odds are hopeful. Liz and Max have a heart to heart and she tells him he needs to forgive. Especially when she can’t forgive is abominable. She has so much hate in her heart, how else did we get to this point of the story. Meanwhile, Alex managed to run his dad out of town but before he leaves he makes sure Jenna stays his eyes and ears. And now we wait. Will Isobel get better?