Now for my next trick. Clarke literally all the time. Photo Credit: The 100/CW

This weeks episode spends the majority with a group that is heading back to Arcadia in search of a book to find Luna. Group is led by Clarke, Octavia, Bellamy, Raven and Jasper, when they arrive to Arcadia they are shocked to find that the place is abandoned. Gate is busted open, you can’t see or hear anyone, the entire place is wiped out. After doing some research on the chip, they realize that the history was written in Latin, and the chip can be activated by Latin. Sinclair knew some Latin, and was able to decipher the phrase to activate the chip. The chip as we know, will take the life of the host if they are not worthy, Raven as very drawn to the activated chip but needed to be stopped by Clarke.

The group starts to pair up looking for the book, Octavia and Jasper are paired up. Jasper ended up a little behind Octavia, who did find the book, Octavia found Jasper coming into the room looking beaten, and then Octavia was attacked by a figure. The same figure who attacked some of the stragglers in the cave earlier in the episode. Clarke and Monte were trying to get to Octavia and Jasper, and didn’t hear a response, when checking it out their heard some creepy music and of course went towards the music. When they saw the music figure at the end of the hallway they saw a smoke bomb come towards them. Clarke and the man had a struggle, Clarke was able to remove the mask and saw that it was Emerson from Mount Weather and he wanted revenge!

Clarke was able to escape and found Bellamy and told him what was happening inside. They were figuring out what they needed to do to stop Emerson. While this was happening Emerson was on the hunt for Raven and Sinclair, Sinclair told Raven to go and stay in the rover for protection. Emerson ended up hurting and eventually killing Sinclair. Raven didn’t stay in the rover like she should have, and when she went to go and try to help Sinclair she was also captured.

Clarke got on the radio to call to Emerson to say that he wants her, and she will turn herself over if the friends are let free. Emerson tells her to come to the air lock with no weapons. She agrees, she heads to him, and Emerson is smart enough to realize that Bellamy must be near by. He calls out to Bellamy, demands the gun clip is removed and he comes over too or he will inflict pain on his sister. Bellamy obliges, and Emerson of course double crosses, he locks the air lock compartment and hits the oxygen release button that puts them all in danger of dying. Clarke and Emerson end up fighting in the hallway, it goes back and forth at first, but Clarke is getting her butt kicked, and watching as her friends are slowly fading away, she remembers that the chip will kill anyone who does not have the proper blood line to be the commander, takes out the chip, recites the Latin line that activates it and sticks it in Emerson’s neck. This kills Emerson and then Clarke goes to free her friends.

After everyone is recovered they give Sinclair and Lincoln a proper burning burial, they gather up all the supplies to try to find Luna with the new map. Clarke, Bellamy, Jasper and Octavia all decide to take off on this adventure, the rest of the group, led by Raven, decide to stay in Arcadia. They think that Ally would not look to go back to find people to chip if she already chipped the entire area, and Raven remembers that some of the AI of Ally was uploaded in the systems and she might be able to figure that out to be able to use in Ally 2 against Ally 1 when needed.

We didn’t have much going on outside of the group in Arcadia, but the main thing to learn is that Ally and Thelonious Jaha made the way to the capital, they were able to convince Ontarie that she needs a pick me up to be able to handle the issues at hand as commander, since she is false leader and doesn’t have the spirit of the commander. They get her to take a chip for the city of light, and we close with Ally sitting in the throne ready to throw out demands.