The fourth episode in this quirky series really is monumental to Sheldon’s development. It’s pivitol, it’s riviting, it’s catalyctic. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the episode where Sheldon becomes a comic book fan; a major characteristic that drive’s a lot of Sheldon’s decisions later in life. Let’s see exactly how he gets there…

An Early Medical Emergency

A typical morning in the Cooper household quickly turns sour when Sheldon chokes on his breakfast sausage. We watch as Sheldon’s family becomes panicked, with Missy screaming that Sheldon’s going to die, to George flipping the poor boy upside down in an attempt to dislodge the sausage.

When Sheldon eventaully gets to school that day, we get a piece of the series’ clever humour. While an immature dig at sheldon for ‘choking on a sausage’ and some student asking home ‘how big was it?’, this style of humour is what’s expected for fans of Young Sheldon and The Big Bang Theory.

It’s revealed soon after that Sheldon’s possesiveness when it comes to having his own seat did not begin in adulthood. At the age of nine Sheldon’s necessity to sit in his own seat is ‘complicated’. In the following conversation between Tam and him, Sheldon comments that the comic book in the former boy’s hands is for children, stating that he “outgrew picturebooks when [he] was three”.

A Visit To A Therapist

After his traumatizing morning, it becomes clear that Sheldon no longer feels safe consuming solid foods. At dinner that night, Sheldon refuses to eat and his parents sympathize with his fears. Their patience grows thin though and it’s only the following day when Mary decides enough is enough, Sheldon must eat. Meemaw yet again comes to the rescue and delivers a ‘pork shake’; Sheldon’s eating dinner smoothie style.


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While acceptable at first, after weeks pass and Sheldon continues to insist he must have liquidized meals, George and Mary argue weather or not coddling Sheldon is the right thing to do. Remember, it’s been weeks (that’s one heck of a blender), so maybe George is right for once and it’s time make Sheldon eat properly again. They find a family counsellor within their price range and make an appointment.

While the young, excited counsellor is speaking with Sheldon’s parents, Sheldon turns his attention to the comic books in the waiting room.

X-men (and a Twizzler) Save The Day

The comic book Sheldon chooses is X-men, and Sheldon decides that the series, revolving around young mutants with special powers, is about him. After finishing the graphic novel, Sheldon goes on an adventure.

Young Sheldon Comics

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He makes it to the comic book store and runs into Tam. While Sheldon’s parents are panicking about their missing child, Sheldon and Tam settle in for an evening of reading. Sheldon makes a comment about the onomatopoeia and how writers shouldn’t make up words but Tam reminds him that someone had to have made up the confusing word onomatopoeia. It’s nice seeing Sheldon’s connection with his friend grow.

Eventually Sheldon’s hunger catches up with him and as the evening becomes later he’s tempted by Tam’s twizzlers. Inspired by the superheros in the comic books, he scrounges up the courage and has the first bite of solid food in over a month.

I love that the creators of Young Sheldon stay true to the story of Sheldon’s quirks and help reveal the history behind them. I can’t wait to learn more!