I was glad to see that Superstore got a chance to attend Comic-Con, and even though the cast couldn’t reveal much about next season, their panel still was quite entertaining.

Here is what we learned…


1. America Ferrera talked about her character, Amy, and likes that her character doesn’t care what people think of her. She said it was interesting for her character to have this character trait, as the lead of the show.

– I agree that this is an interesting quality for a female leading role to have, since we’re suppose to love our leading characters, but I don’t think she’s as bad as someone like Dina. Also, in this day in age, a lot of leading female characters, are starting to possess negative qualities. It just shows that leading characters don’t always have to be nice, but it also makes them a little bit more human.

2. The creators said that Season 4 was all about the time of change.

– We saw a lot of change going on in this past season, and even though I thought the storylines were getting a little stale, I like that there’s some hope for new character development and new storylines to start.

3. Amy & Jonah’s relationship:

* America said that she likes the dynamic between the two, when they hate each other.

* Amy & Jonah have different points of view

* Ben hopes to learn more about why Jonah decided to work at Superstore, since he’s more privileged than the rest of the group.

– I love seeing Amy and Jonah happy, but it is true that they both have different points of view about a lot of things. I didn’t particularly like how their relationship was handled this past season, because I felt like there wasn’t much going on between them, even though they had become a couple, so I hope we get to see more from them and how they spend their lives together. Also, now that Amy is on board for unionizing, I’d like to see how her and Jonah handle unionizing with their co-workers.

4. The Season Finale:

* Mateo’s storyline with ICE was personal to Nico, since he is an immigrant himself.

* During shooting, their was crying on set during the last scene.

* We’ll get to see what happens during the deportation process for next season.

5. The show never wants to teach a lesson:

* With more serious episodes, it’s more about showing real life, but finding the comedy within it.

6. Representation:

* Casting

* Multiple perspectives

– Just like with shows like The Office, which the creator, Justin Spitzer, was a writer for, the show shows a lot of representation, in terms of people of different nationalities, and people who have all different points of view. Television has expanded with showing all different types of people and now with this show, I think we’re seeing a new perspective, which is people who have grown up in different ways, such as Mateo, or even Sayid, who was a refugee. We’re dealing with new important issues, and that’s what makes for great tv.

7. Cheyenne might have a big birthday party next season (According to Nichole Bloom)

8. Writers, sometimes cast & fans, get names chosen for Amy to wear on her name tag

9. Customer interludes:

* Started out using things people had seen before.

10. There will be a lot of Marcus next season.

11. Employees will continue unionizing next season.

12. Superstore was originally titled, The Greatest Love Story Ever Told.