We open to a very depressing scene as June tries to find if here friend Cora is hanging there with the other punished Marthas. Commander Lawrence is seemingly and calmly pissed off. He may be testing the Marthas in his home as well as June. He asks June a series of questions to which she did not answer. Weather it it was because she couldn’t or wouldn’t I am not sure of. There is a gathering of Commanders at Commander Lawrence’s house. They are trying to figure out what to do with the women of Gilead. Where they should go, what they should do for work among other things.

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Serena visited her mother. As much as Serena protested that she didn’t want to intrude on her mother’s prayer circle, her mother didn’t listen and pretty much forced her to be there. Serena was called to the center of the circle to “receive comfort”. She finds out in that moment that the women of the prayer circle know everything Serena told her mother about her and her marriage.

June and Commander Lawrence have a come to Jesus conversation. They take shots at each other though for a period, June tries to do so with a modicum of respect. Then she is just throwing shots. Lawrence takes June to a facility and tells her to choose five women to become Marthas. If June does not choose five women, all the women caged will die. June refuses.

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Nick is being sent to the front lines in Chicago. He comes to see June at Commander Lawrence’s home and the are in her bedroom alone together. The next morning, Serena pays a visit to June at Commander Lawrence’s home. They speak of their shared daughter and of being strong and helping each other.

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What are June and Serena up to? For that matter, what is Commander Lawrence up to? He has something up his sleeve, I can feel it. What is going on between June and Nick? This is the first season I have ever watched so I truly don’t know. Tell me what you think in the comments below. Til next week…