Cloak and Dagger

Photo Source:Freeform

After the previous episode’s last minute reveal that Brigid had a doppelganger, this episode begins the task of explaining where, Mayhem, came from and what her goals are. In short we find out that she was created, much like Tandy and Ty, through a reaction to the chemicals Roxon had discovered. Apparently when she was shot during and fell into the water during the season finale, Brigid ingested some of the chemicals. That along with the trauma of being shot apparently caused her to split in two.

As it turns out the version of Brigid we see coming up out to the water is actually Mayhem. We find out that Mina has been conducting experiments with the Roxon drugs on rats that show that when a person or rat is split, one takes on the docile features, while the other is driven by rage, often leading to the murder of the more docile creature by the more violent one. During flashback sequences we see her attempting to find her way and nearly smothering the real Brigid in her hospital bed, before deciding her actual target should be Connors.

We watch as she pursues leads that she hopes will eventually lead her to Connors, unaware that he was pulled into Ty’s cape. Initially driven by this singular focus of finding and killing Connors, Mayhem visits Ty’s former adviser, Father Delgado, who is leaving the school and goes back to drinking.

The thing that has been interesting about this season is that each character seems to be searching for themselves. In the first couple of episodes both Ty and Tandy and both working to find how they can help and what it means to be heroes. Ty continues to question his role as they begin to pursue Mayhem, wonder aloud to Tandy if he is “like her”. Tandy tells him that he is “a protector” because he protects her.

After the trail for Connor’s runs cold Mayhem turns her attention to finding the missing girls from the ninth ward. While a noble cause, Mayhem’s tactics continue to be violent as she eliminates and kills.

Because they share memories Brigid is able to figure out Mayhem’s next moves and the trio track her to a strip club, where she is attacking men to find out where the kidnapped girls are being held. Mayhem, who has super strength, overpowers Ty and Tandy and comes face to face with the more timid Brigid. Holding her at gunpoint Brigid is unable to pull the trigger or stop Mayhem.

Ty, Tandy, and Brigid are late arriving to the scene where the girls were being transported. Ty and Tandy argue about if Mayhem’s tactics are right since they are getting the job done. Tandy attempts to use her powers to find out any information from the girls and is heartbroken to see that the girls have “no hope”.  This is another interesting aspect of the show as it continues to delve into the struggles of being in a world run rampant with violence and sin. Delgado goes into a drunken sermon discussing the importance of choices.

“There is no playbook.”

“The only thing that matters is what you do in this moment.”

The theme of the episode continues to be about the struggle of darkness and light, which is of course the over arching theme of the show.

When Ty and Tandy are able to save the remaining girls without injuring or harming any of the gang members, Tandy seems to understand that the right thing can be done without causing harm. Unfortunately Mayhem shows up and begins mowing down the gang members before Ty stops her by pulling her into his cape.