When I am not fawning over pixelated crops or imaginative dungeon masters, horror movies are my bread and butter. Especially, indie horror films that have a unique storyline and an interesting cast. I have been fortunate to visit a few horror-related cons, and which are basically Disneyland for these types of films. The best movie I have found in the Grand Canyon state was Bloodsucka Jones and when I found out there was a part two, squeals of glee emitted from my vocal cords. Buckle up guys because you’re in for a real treat!

bloodsucka jones cover

Source: Nitwit Consortium

The original tale of Bloodsucka Jones follows the tale of David (Justin Armao) and the love of his life Christine (Jessica Dercks). Unfortunately for David, Christine is a vampire and her brother Steward (Matt Kelly) is unhappy with their coupling. With waves of vampires threatening David, he phones in a vampire hunter, Tony (Travis Woods), with hopes of ridding the world of this problem. Things get out of hand, as they do, and divine intervention produced cool guy Bloodsucka Jones (Preston Grant) and his lovely butt-kicking sidekick Vanessa (Maria Canapino). Bloodsucka Jones and Vanessa teach David and Tony how to properly finish off these vampires, with a few odd encounters and plenty of laughs along the way.

bloodsucka jones VS the creeping death cover

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Bloodsucka Jones is hilarious and an unexpected gem, the same is to be said about Bloodsucka Jones VS the Creeping Death. This story follows our friends as they attempt to stop Steward and his buddy Kenny (William Cutting) as they sent forth zombies to take down David. This time around, our protagonist enlists Timmy (Brian Girard) to take these undead beasts down but there is just too much to handle. Bloodsucka Jones and Vanessa return to help save the day with glimpses of some awesome roller derby babes and a skateboarding cat.

bloodsucka jones

Source: Indie Horror Online

These movies are hilarious and filled to the brim with oddities and chaos. I have watched Bloodsucka Jones VS the Creeping Death three times since I have picked it up and have viewed the original a million times over. My only concern is now that I know there is one sequel, will there be another? What other crazy antics could David get into and will there be a day Bloodsucka Jones has met his match? Until these questions can be answered all I can say is… I dig it.