Source: Alex C // The Game of Nerds

I’m sorry, I’m still recovering from the major whiplash that Chapter 34 just gave me.

Jane Villanueva has many great qualities, one of which is her romanticism, but we’ve learned time and time again (and this episode was no exception) that it can also be a curse. Jane has a tendency to view everything through rose colored glasses. While she’s very level headed on one hand, she wants her life to be like a romantic novel or telenovela, which is why she keeps pushing herself to find Prince Charming–not necessarily Mr. Right-for-her.

At the beginning of Chapter 34 it was all about Jonathan–even if just in the visceral sense. Jane was ready to finally lose her v-card and she wanted it to be with Jonathan. Yet things kept getting in their way; whether it was a speeding ticket or a wilting flower, it just didn’t feel right. And poor Jane ended up crying when Jonathan pulled out a condom. If that scene wasn’t a testament to Gina Rodriguez’s acting I don’t know what is; even if you don’t understand her situation, you could just feel your heart ache with Jane in that moment…it was very powerful!

To top it off, we had a heartbreaking scene with Jane and Rafael, where he professed his love and she flat out shut him down. Flash Forward twenty minutes to Michael showing up at Jane’s door, professing his love, and she welcomed him with open arms! Bleck.

We keep seeing flashbacks of all of Jane and Michael’s good times together. Jane has fallen back in love with those memories. Let’s see if their rekindled relationship will be as strong as it once was.

In sub plot land…

  • Jane threw Petra a baby shower per Rafael’s request and it was just a disaster, because the two women DO NOT GET ALONG. I’m actually so glad they both finally admitted it. I feel like they’ll actually get along better when they’re not pretending around each other, you know? They’re going to be in each other’s lives for a long time (unless my Petra theory is correct…hehehe) so they might as well figure out how to coexist peacefully.
  • In a crazy turn of events, Michael, Susanna, and Luisa staged a car crash to capture Rose, which in turn, got her (SIN ROSTRO) killed…presumably by Mutter. One drug lord down…

And in heartbreak land…

  • After a lot of back and forth, Xiomara turned down Rogelio’s proposal. She doesn’t want kids and he really does. She doesn’t want to keep him from that. This obviously killed both of them, but who knows if this “break up” will stick, especially since he confessed his eternal love for her on his scientology DVD.

Another crazy week in Jane Land: lots of development, but sadly, not necessarily the type of development I want. 3/5 nerd glasses.