Not that I want to keep writing about the same thing over and over again, but please humour me while I talk about the business practices in Erinsborough. Again. Terese, Paul and Pierce needed to impress some business bigwigs after the fallout of the dodgy racehorse non-story, so what’s the best way to impress some businessmen? Take them to a fancy conference centre? Hire out a private function room at a top restaurant?


The best way to impress them, apparently, is to push a few of the tables together in the middle of The Waterhole and hold the important meeting there, with Bea caterwauling in the background. One of them even made a comment about her being a great soundtrack for a meeting, or some such nonsense. Personally, I think Bea’s songs are only a suitable soundtrack to the loudest industrial machinery on the planet, but even if you find them enjoyable, there has never been a business meeting in history that was improved by having a pop soundtrack.

There were only about five or six people present at the meeting, they would all have fitted into Terese’s office, or even Terese’s house – why on earth would you attempt to have an important business meeting in the middle of a busy suburban pub? In my experience, holding a meeting in a pub is just asking for trouble – someone is going to spill beer on you, chuck a dart at one of your businessmen’s heads or drunkenly join you at the table.

Or perhaps your annoying niece might take her top off and pretend to be your waitress with the girls on show?

neighbours roxy

Roxy, in a rare moment where she was fully dressed. PHOTO: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy.

All this was wheeling and dealing in The Waterhole was obviously to engineer the chance for Roxy to do something else outrageous which involved removing her bra. Yawn. I am so bored of her, and I’m bored of her getting her kit off, and I’m bored of her being so narked off with “Auntie T”. I’m no prude, I couldn’t care less how much or little clothing people wear, but when the only notable personality trait you have is a propensity for getting naked at the drop of a pair of booty shorts, then I will make a point of giving you a wide birth. Change the record, Roxy. Maybe try developing your personality a little bit.

When rebellious characters arrive in Erinsborough, they usually cause chaos for a little while and then they gradually get more normal until they fit in with the rest of the cast, and we make way for another firecracker to join the street. Please can we start this process with Roxy sooner rather than later, before she starts going about her daily business fully in the nude?