Source: Spoiler TV

On another episode of As “The Catch” Turns, Alice FINALLY opened up to her team about the plan to bring down Christopher. Or is it the lies of the plans she has with Agent Dao? Or the lie to herself about how she actually feels about her reunion with Christopher the week before? Whichever scenario it is, Alice got GOT by the sticky fingers of her partner Val. Seriously, how in the deuce did Val slip Alice’s phone out of Sophie’s back pocket without her knowing? Skills to pay the bills it appears.

But I digress.

Alice decides to play the double game and doubles down off of Agent Dao more frequently…and less carefully. Speaking with Christopher on the phone and agreeing to meet with him, I found myself incredulous that a seemingly intelligent P.I. would (and could) be that stupid. Val’s disappointed face said it all: why, why, WHY would Alice subject herself to the degradation Christopher gave her. With no quality response, the audience is left with the knowledge that love ain’t enough…and Alice doesn’t understand that.

On the criminal con side of neighborhood, the target of Margot, Christopher and the Beautiful Assassin™ (Felicity, ironic name right?) became the Prime Minister of Laràga and her 50 carat diamond bracelet (worth a cool $12 million). In a scene worthy of any Bond film, Margot and Beautiful Assassin™ dance a sensual and technically sound Argentine tango…and slip the bracelet off of the PM’s wrist. Unfortunately, every crime syndicate is also after the said diamonds and hunts Christopher as he tries to slip out of the back door. In swoops Alice and her Benz and of course they end up in her home, in her bed, in the exact same position they were in pre-con reveal.

Alice appears to be the ultimate dupe, the greatest fool, until Christopher (now confirmed as Ben) roots in his pocket and comes up with nada. Nothing. Zilch. Zip. Bracelet dangling off of her fingertips as she smugly tells Christopher/Ben over the phone “You can’t just come and go as you please anymore.” Welp. Maybe a fool in love still has some smarts left.