Everyone has their own bucket list of goals when playing at an online casino. They might be financial, or they might be all about fun. Here are some of the most common we’ve heard from players we’ve talked to over the years.

Experience the Thrill of the Live Casino

Live casinos are a fantastic way to experience a brick-and-mortar casino from the comfort of your own home. The tables, dealers, cards, roulette wheel – it’s all real. It’s a great interactive experience that will no doubt be next level with the enhancement of virtual and augmented reality tech.

The action might be a little slower than on strictly digital table games but online casino developers have come up with a few innovations to make their live casino games flow quicker. For example, “community hand” forms of blackjack mean you don’t have to wait for five other players to take their turn before you can bet again. This gives players the live casino experience but a considerably quicker gameplay experience.

Drop a Poker Tourney

It’s easy enough to simply play in a poker tournament but what about winning one? A lot of recreational players focus exclusively on “making the bubble”. Don’t be one of them. If you want to win one, you have to play like you want to win them all.

It’s no coincidence that this strategy of all or nothing is employed by every serious poker player on the planet. How likely are you to win a tournament with a 6 big blind stack after the bubble, with 200 to 1,000 players left? Not very.

Build your stack with aggression and only play stakes that you can afford many buy ins for. When you finally make a bubble with that 90 big blind stack, you’ll be the bully, rather than the bullied.

Although the money is sweet when you drop a tourney, the sense of pride knowing that you outplayed however many players that day is also why finishing number one in a big online poker tournament is a worthy addition to our online casino bucket list.

Playthrough an Entire Welcome Bonus

Some online casinos offer pretty wild free spins bonuses. In fact, there’s a whole list of them over at CasinoShortList.org. Although these casinos are essentially giving away (with some restrictions) thousands of dollars’ worth of free spins in some cases, most players use these bonuses as a gauge on whether the casino gives them that happy feeling.

During your online casino playing career you should certainly make it a mission to not only max out on a no deposit bonuses but to play through as much of it as possible. If you hit a lucky streak and play it right, you can walk away a big winner from a new sign up promotion.

Pro Tip: Search around for not only the best welcome bonus but also the casino with either the lowest wagering requirements or the highest return-to-player slots. You’ll stand a much greater chance of cashing out.

Try Out Free Spins for a Chance to Win Real Money

We understand that not everyone has the financial clout to try maxing out a $2,000 welcome bonus, so our next bucket list goal is entirely free!

Just as there are loads of casinos that will offer to match first deposits as they welcome you as a member, so too are there those that give new players free spins on exciting slot machines.

Pro Tip: The wagering requirements of entirely Free Spin promotions are usually pretty heavy. It therefore makes sense to run through as many as you possibly can to ensure you snag that bucket list win! You’ll likely have no choice over which machine you can use them on too so it really is a case of spinning and hoping many, many times!

Learn Perfect Strategy Blackjack

Did you know that, unlike most other games in the online casino, you can play blackjack badly? Since players receive quite a lot of information and have more options than in other card and table games, there is a mathematically determined way to play blackjack “perfectly”. Most players lose a lot of money to the casino by deviating from this perfect play.

It’s pretty straightforward if you use a chart like the ones at BlackJackApprenticeship but some things do seem counterintuitive to new players. For example, standing with 12 versus a dealer’s 6. It makes sense though since the dealer cannot stand on 16 and must draw at least two cards with a high likelihood of going bust. Plays like this feel great when they pay off too.

Hit a Progressive Jackpot

Ok, so most of you aren’t going to achieve this one but there’s no harm in trying, right? Just like their brick-and-mortar counterparts, many online casinos offer progressive jackpots. They’re often exclusive to slots, although we have seen them featured in poker games as a “bad beat bonus” too. An extra rake is charged on every hand and added to the progressive pot. Players being beaten with Aces full of Kings or better will be awarded a massive progressive jackpot. The specific terms of these promotions will vary.

On slots, progressive jackpots are usually featured across games of a similar theme. For example, the DC Superheroes slots from Playtech all have a progressive jackpot feature. They often have truly life-changing prizes for the very upper tier of payments too. Winning one is incredibly easy. You don’t need any skills at all. Just a whole lot of luck!