Fear the Walking Dead brought back one of the best characters in the franchise, but hopefully not for just a short cameo, he also brought along a character that nobody wants to die, SKIDMARK! We got to see Skidmark in action, Daniel has sort of trained the cat in this world, and to make it this far the cat has to be fairly smart on it’s own. Daniel has figured out how to use the cat as a diversionary tactic to get by and or kill walkers, mainly by putting a bell necklace on Skidmark. The duo hit a grocery store that had a trap set up inside, by avoiding it and disarming it he was able to get more canned goods, more guns, and in this case a new running vehicle.

Strand, not having given up on the plane agrees to let Charlie go inside Daniel’s compound in hopes of finding the plane. She gets made because of Skidmark, but Daniel plays it cool even though Charlie is in the truck that he takes. In the morning Strand, Sarah and Wendell go inside to get the plane, but Daniel is a few steps ahead and takes the gauges and leaves Strand a note for channel 8. During the conversation Daniels lets on that he knows Charlie was in the compound and inside the truck with him, this further shows how far ahead of the curve Daniel is to everyone else on this show. Daniel vows to save her from Strand, but Charlie tries to insist she knew what she was doing, the pair bond over music and Daniel actually cracks a smile on his face.

I am happy to see Daniel finding some sort of himself and his humanity again, who knows how long he has been out on his own, and Charlie could be the person he needs to be around. As we sort of guessed Daniel was hitting up another of the grocery stores that had a trap. This one looks to be more difficult than others, and Daniel is having troubles coming up with a game plan for it when Charlie joins and tells him what to do. The plan makes sense but is thwarted because Skidmark taunts some zombies who end up setting off the machine gun and blowing out windows. This causes chaos, and Daniel, Skidmark and Charlie leave. Daniel doesn’t want to leave the herd as is since it will get bigger and hurt someone, so he wants to take it back to the warehouse and with the fences holding they will all pick them off one by one.

Plan won’t work because Sarah took down 36 feet of fence to get the airplane out, so Daniel scrambles for a new plan. He sends Charlie with the parts to drive back so they can leave on the plane and he takes a radio to lead the walkers elsewhere, very Rick like in a way. Charlie seems to be the only one who has her senses about her in everything and doesn’t want to leave Daniel behind, they set out to help people and here is someone who needs help. Good thing since the airplane ends up saving Daniel Salazar by obliterating the walkers in the blades, breaking the plane and breaking down Daniel’s defenses at the same time.

Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 4 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Who wants to see a plane? Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Elsewhere, we briefly hear that John, June and Dwight are out of radio range looking for Sherry. Dylan, sucks, I don’t like this kid, he lies and sends Alicia and Morgan on a wild goose chase for Althea, until he finds out his brother and sister are in trouble by the old utility road, knowing he didn’t send Alicia and Morgan there he admits he lied and asks them to help. Turns out they in fact needed some help as they saw the soldier that was all geared up killing some walkers, during the whole process some walkers got free and Annie turned an ankle, by the time Morgan caught up to them the two kids were in some trouble. Turns out the trouble was really for Morgan and Alicia as their was a lot of kids. All the kids don’t want to leave since the parents from the camp was actually theirs. The kids offer to help look for Althea, and they saw 2 for sure, but could be more, suited up soldiers a few weeks before the others showed up. They are taking Morgan and Alicia to them, when Morgan dishes on his dead wife and son, when one tells everyone to get down as the helicopter that had the same symbols on it that took Rick, got up and flew overhead. Alicia wants to know what that was about, and the kid said maybe they finally found what they were looking for and left.