It’s a massive understatement to say the least that 2020 has been difficult. In particular, students who were expecting to graduate will not be able to celebrate their achievements at a formal graduation ceremony. A lot of schools have done online events to mark the occasion and worse still some places have done ‘administrative’ graduations where all they get is an email from the school President or Dean.

In light of this YouTube organized a special event earlier this month called Dear Class of 2020 where a litany celebrities and public figures gathered to provide congratulatory speeches to the graduating students. The list includes people like Barack and Michelle Obama, Alicia Keys, Lizzo, BTS, Maluma, John Mulaney, Katy Perry, Stephen Colbert, Bill and Melinda Gates and whole host of others.

Included in that group are none other than The Simpsons. The family are ‘quarantined’ in their home in Springfield with Lisa moderating, Homer trying to put on his robe, Marge exhausted from all the cooking and housework and Bart unusually attentive before mooning the camera with 2020 written across his butt.

Lisa takes over and speaks about the unintended benefits of quarantine before Homer jumps in and adds his own commentary, like increased day drinking. Short and sweet the bit was true to each character though I did feel bad for Marge as she’s taken on the bulk of the work at home and it shows.

To wrap things up, Homer says, “Love thy neighbor, even if it’s Flanders.” For the final moment of the address, Lisa holds up a sign with a serious request: “Congrats Class of 2020: Please save us.”