The Umbrella Academy Season episode 10

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    Vanya’s on the loose and is much more threatening than her family thought. I thought that Vanya had fully forgiven her family for the things the way that they treated her, but she unleashed her true feelings through her powers by destroying the academy room by room. Angry at the thoughts of her being manipulated by her family claiming that she is ordinary, Vanya then killed Pogo who is a treasured family member. This saddened me because Pogo wasn’t shown on the show as a primary character, but he did keep them together. I thought it was cruel of Vanya to kill him because he knew about her powers. He was just a servant of Sir. Hargreaves and did the best that he could to do his bidding after his death. The main person she should’ve held responsible is already in the grave. It was her father who made her sibling single her out, it was her father who isolated her in a personal cell, and it was her father who was scared that the day would come when Vanya wouldn’t be able to control her powers. Clearly writing a book hasn’t given her any closure.

Vanya’s Walls 

   In previous episodes, we saw that Vanya’s powers are the most effective when she is channeling her emotions through music. Considering that she nearly killed Alison while holding her now in a state of rage this was the worst time for her to perform. Her love for music seemed from an available violin that her father had around after collecting it from his former lover on her death bed. She told him to give it to someone who would love it as much as she did. Vanya vowed to learn and become extraordinary. Even though her violin skills are extraordinary, her father failed to acknowledge her in any way. I believe that if Sir. Hargreeves supported her in ways that didn’t involve superhero work. Vanya is dangerous, but she is more dangerous when you hurt her. She broke down the walls of solitude and made her way to her orchestra concert, destroying anything in her path. 

Strike Out For The Family

The students of The Umbrella Academy were able to escape the collapsing building in one piece so that they could come up with a plan. Usually, Luther always has a solution to disastrous situations but failed to come up with a well thought out plan. Klaus found out that his sobriety actually helped him in the long run because Ben was able to move Diego out of the way and slap him across the face. Amazed that he could be much more than the drug addict of the family, he finally tried to convince his family that his powers are able to channel Ben’s spirit. Unfortunately, he failed to provide evidence making him look like more of a joke to the others. Before the family could properly form the next move, a mass of masked shooters entered the bowling alley causing the family to run into the bowling pins. It turned out to be the work of the Handler. She knew that the family would be a problem in her plan to continue the apocalypse. While Hazel and Cha-Cha were assigned to protect Vanya, Hazel decided to protect himself. He knew that the Handler didn’t have any intentions on taking them with her, so he dumped Cha-Cha…..again and shot the Handler in the head.

Vanya’s Last Song

I loved how the plot thickened towards the end of this episode. It seemed like all hope was lost when Luther and Diego’s element of surprise didn’t work out. Vanya played without any interruptions until her then black became white. Klaus revealed team “Klen” when more masked murders came to attack the family at the theatre. I loved how Klaus was able to use Ben’s powers during the worst time to fight. When the family attempted to capture Vanya before she finished her song, she raised them and began to drain the life form them. I was surprised to see Alsion step up and fire beside her sister because she wanted to protect her so bad. Even though her song ended, her powers still ended up striking the moon causing the pieces to crash on earth and vaporize humanity. The end of the world wasn’t stopping, but five planned to go back and do it over again. His time-traveling powers reversed their ages and they all escaped the apocalypse.

Final Thoughts And Rating

It was a bittersweet moment watching the final episode of the first season, but I have to say that Netflix really did outdo themselves again with another addictive original. There were some things that I didn’t see in this season but hope to see more of in the next. I hope to see the more detailed backstory of Pogo much before his heartbreaking departure. I also hope to see how Klaus originally turned into a drug addict and maybe even more of Sir.Hargreeves secrets. I loved the action pact scenes filled with music, the dysfunctional drama, and the teamwork in the family. Now that five took his family back in time, the family has a shot of stopping the end of the world again. I think it will be interesting to see the family work together with adult minds in their teenage bodies. Maybe they will take Vanya under their wing and make her feel important like she’s always been all along. It was neglect that turned her into a ticking time bomb, I hope they use their second chance to give Vanya a second chance in the next season. I will give this show a five-star rating and let it be known that it is one of the most binge-worthy shows on Netflix. I’m so stoked for season 2 and I can’t wait to review this show again! Till next season guys.