*Spoiler warning for iZombie season 5, episode 7.

Major on iZombie

Major staring Justin down on iZombie. Photo courtesy of the CW, screenshot by Linda Maleh.

iZombie is known for packing a ton of plot in each episode, but this one takes the cake. We learn a lot more about the New Boss’s (Bill Wise) operation (including his real name, so I can stop having to refer to him only as the New Boss in all of my articles), a semi-significant character dies, and a character we haven’t seen since season 1 makes an appearance. Let’s dig in.

The murder victim this episode is a demanding chef (Carolyn Anderson) at Seattle’s top restaurant. Everyone hated her, so there’s a long list of suspects. The first guy they interview is the dishwasher, Jerry Halloway (Charlie Kerr), who turns out to be the murderer. He killed Chef (everyone in the episode just calls her Chef) because he was secretly a zombie, and she caught him stealing brains to eat. He wasn’t registered as a zombie because both of his parents are CHICS (an anti-zombie hate group). When Chef catches him, she holds it over him and threatens to tell his parents, so he conked her on the head with a frozen pork chop. Liv finally figures it out (after interviewing many suspects) when she hears the list of the brains the restaurant had to order the previous week –  Jerry’s personality was mimicking the brains listed.

The other major plot-line this episode concerns Filmore Graves. At the beginning of the episode, a bunch of trained soldiers – but not Filmore Graves soldiers – hit a Filmore Graves site, murder most of the soldiers in the building, and then make off with a bunch of the frozen soldiers – the ones most loyal to Chase Graves, including Enzo (John Emmet Tracy). Obviously, that makes this a New Boss operation.

Part of the reason the mission is such a success is because the soldiers weren’t at their posts. Us, the audience, know that this is because Justin Bell (Tongayi Chirisa) had them prepping for inspection, but Justin lies about this to Major, so at this point Major is still in the dark about who the New Boss’s inside man is. Major thinks the inside man is a solider named Peters, but we know that Peters managed to escape. Peters eventually shows up at Major’s house and tells him that he saw Justin conferring with the intruding soldiers.

To find out if Justin has really betrayed him, Major sets a trap. He fake arrests Peters and leaves him alone with Justin, and watches the situation from hidden cameras. When Justin tries to smother Peters with a pillow, Major knows that Justin is the traitor. He tries to arrest Justin, but Justin takes a hostage and tells everyone that the reason he did it is because Major is being too soft on the humans. He says that it’s a war between humans and zombies, and they need a leader on the side of the zombies. Just as he’s talking about how Major doesn’t have any guts, Major shoots Justin in the head, which with Justin’s helmet and the hostage is a very tough shot to make – talk about guts. For those of you counting, that now means that all of Liv’s boyfriends, except Major, are dead, although Justin breaks pattern by dying seasons after his relationship with her ended, so I’m not sure if it counts.

Another sub-plot this episode is Ravi helping out Dr. Charlie Collier (Quinta Brunson). Charlie is Ravi’s contact at the CDC, although the CDC terminates the work relationship when they realize that Ravi lied to them about the Freylich brains. Charlie tells Ravi that her twin sister Laila (Brunson) lives in Seattle and they’re estranged, but she desperately needs to tell Laila something important, so she has Ravi track her down. When he does, she’s the complete opposite of Charlie, and doesn’t want to listen to what she has to say. After mildly stalking her, Ravi gets her to stop so that he can tell her that their mother has alzheimer’s, which is what Charlie was try to tell her. The sisters patch things up.

I said there was a character that we haven’t seen since season 1 in this episode, and I wasn’t kidding. When Liv goes to the hospital to interview a suspect, she runs into her mom, Eva Moore (Molly Hagan), who’s a doctor there. If you recall, Liv’s mother and brother disowned her after she refused to give her brother her blood when he was extremely injured. Since that was in season 1 and nobody knew about zombies yet, Liv refused because she didn’t want to turn her brother in one, and she couldn’t explain to her family that that was the reason she was refusing. They’ve refused to speak to her, and we haven’t seen either of them since – until now. Liv and her mother have it out. Strangely, Eva is still angry at Liv even though she now knows why Liv did it. The conversation comes around to who Liv’s father is – apparently Liv never knew him. Her mom tells her that he was a junkie and that his name is Martin Roberts. At the end of the episode, Liv tracks Martin down, and when she opens the door we see that it’s the New Boss – the New Boss is Liv’s dad!

Another thing that happens this episode is that Sloane Mills (Laura Bilgeri) gets kidnapped – again. Last season, Chase Graves had Sloane kidnapped and turned her into a zombie so that her father, General Mills, would show restraint when deciding whether to nuke Seattle. She’s been in Seattle all this time, and now Major is trying to get her to convince her dad to help Seattle, since he and a contingent from the US government will be visiting Seattle soon. Sloane, however, is kidnapped at the end, it looks like by the New Boss’s soldiers. It’s unclear what they want her for.

Finally, Clive has to deal with Michelle (Christie Laing) while he fills in for Dale while she’s on maternity leave. Michelle is pregnant, just like Dale, and Clive might be the father. He gives her a simple case of getting a statement from a zamboni driver rather than a dangerous case so that she doesn’t get hurt (that’s discrimination but okay), but while she’s interviewing the driver, and hockey puck comes flying over the wall around the rink and hits her in the head. The doctor’s call Clive, since he’s listed as her emergency contact and the baby’s father. Michelle tells Clive that even though she still doesn’t know who the baby’s father is, she does know that Clive is the kind of guy to be there for her, and that’s why she put his name down on the forms.

Blaine wasn’t in this episode, though I’m sure we’ll see him again soon. Peyton’s also not in this episode since she’s in DC. This episode is the first episode to really establish the New Boss as a villain. We finally see how large his operation has gotten. He wants to takeover Seattle – and possible the country/world, so that zombies can be the dominant species. I’m sure his daughter Liv will have something to say about that. This was an excellent episode, and a good reminder of just how shrewd a leader Major is. He may be losing followers to the New Boss, but he excellently traps Justin in his lie, and kills him without hesitation when he sees he has no other choice. Even Martin is impressed by Major’s actions this episode. Ravi also mentions this episode that he has a new lead on finding the tainted utopian that made zombies, because if he can find it, he can give it to the CDC and possibly make more cures. I have a good feeling that he might be successful considering this is the final season, and they need to find a way to wrap everything up.