E3 2019 has come and gone and while there was no Sony it was still quite the event with loads of news, announcements and surprises (we’re looking at you Keanu Reeves).

One overlooked segment of the convention was surely the presence of The Simpsons who took part in a Coliseum Livestream. Prior to E3 when the news broke that they would be there, many fans, including myself, were scratching their heads. Speculation was that we would be getting a sequel to the much loved Hit and Run game. Unfortunately, what we ended up getting was a little underwhelming.

The only real announcement from the panel was that The Simpsons mobile game Tapped Out would be getting a new update called Royale which will poke fun at Fortnite style gaming. It is remarkable that after 6 years the game is still going strong but to be fair it is a good casual game. However, it would have been amazing to get another console video game as we haven’t had one in twelve years. Check out my take on it here.

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The one interesting thing about the panel though was when they discussed a game that never came out. Series producer Matt Selman had this to say when prompted to talk about which game was his favorite to work on:

“My favourite game to work on was the Simpsons party game that never came out that we just got paid for…At the time there was a trendy kind of, Mario Party, lots of mini-games … we briefly discussed getting on that bandwagon.”

Series producer J. Stewart Burns said the Simpsons party game was going to span around 20 different party games, but he estimated it would take a year to make each one, and that was simply not possible. So after that game fell through they felt like they owed EA something to make up for it and that’s where Tapped Out came in.

Aside from these quick quotes we’re not sure how far along in the development stage that party game was. It appears they might have had a lot of rough ideas and a very broad sketch of what they wanted the game to be. In any event, this was kind of neat news in an otherwise plain segment. Our fingers are still crossed that someday we’ll get a Hit and Run sequel.