Fear the Walking Dead brought some heat right from the start and didn’t let up at all the entire episode and I didn’t want it to end. I did enjoy that they jumped right into the action and showing some new characters. I was extremely shocked that the airplane in the previews was actually piloted by Althea and the group. Alicia looks like a grade A bad ass as usual, emerging from the wreckage with part of the propeller to save the kids and kill walkers. I was also impressed with the impromptu trip wires for the walkers to make the kills a bit easier and to show that they are getting more proficient in this world.


Brothers Dylan and Max joined the show. But was it just for one episode? Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

A suited up walker, like the one above, was extremely bad ass looking. It was a little frustrating to see Althea so hard up for her tapes still, and it almost got her killed. This walker vaguely reminds me of the prison guard walker from the flagship show. This walker plays a bigger part later on in the episode in a few ways.

After everyone is saved by the sister of the two new brothers, we learn a number of things. One the group has been trying to help people but hasn’t had any luck until contacting Logan, they took a plane to try to find and help him, Logan said his location was overrun by walkers, and that the surrounding area had a lot of Radiation signs, hanging heads from trees, and walker blocks tied up with intestines all over the area. Fun!

Alicia had her finger on things throughout the episode, realizing that something wasn’t right, and she was right. Very fortunate for everyone, and especially Luciana, that June is still around to nurse people back to help as Luciana got shoulder piked from the plane crash.

Logan played the group quite easily, as Alicia suspected, he picked the farthest truck stop from the denim factory and marched right back in with his crew. He was business partners with Clayton and knew the combination to get inside. He didn’t want to have any bloodshed, and had some similar views as Clayton, but putting out what they don’t need. Alicia promised to kill him herself, and it’s safe to say we have not seen or heard the last of Logan and his crew.


Logan breaks the spirits of Alicia, Morgan and company by taking control of the denim factory . Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Outside of all the new characters and situations we learned more exciting things, and have more questions. Strand was told over the radio by Al, to find some tapes and one of the tapes has someone who has a plane. Strand watches it to find that it is, DANIEL SALAZAR! How does Strand and Salazar interact? Who and what type of people is Daniel with now?

Al also went back to find the walker at the plane crash, she believes their is a story there. She was absolutely right, as the armored walker not only had awesome gear, the walker had all sorts of interesting information and maps in the pocket. The biggest part was the symbol on all of the paper work matched the symbol that was on the helicopter that transported Jadis and Rick in the regular walking dead. So the walker that was mentioned to be a special walker that pieces shows together didn’t waste anytime showing up.

So the big questions going into next week are, how is Al and who is the person that stabbed her with a needle(and we presume took her somewhere)? Who are the people who are putting up radiation signs, and the walker heads and walker road blocks, since Logan said he picked a random truck stop far away from the denim factory I’m betting he has nothing to do with it.

Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 2 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Who is putting up these walker diversions? The animals are still alive so it has to be recent. Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC