Episode 5

This week’s episode opens with the introduction to, Titan.  We actually met him in episode one. He was the rock-covered henchman that Invincible punched. Now we find out that Titan works for a criminal kingpin called Machine Head. His head is a machine. Pretty clever. We get to watch Titan destroy a gang. It turns out Titan isn’t all bad, and with some assistance from Invincible, he’s able to end his servitude with Machine Head. Also in this episode, Battle Beast debuts and really destroys The new team of Guardians of the Globe.

Episode Rapid Bits:

  • Deborah is suspicious that her husband had something to do with the murder of Guardians of the Globe.
  • Cecil already knows that Omni-Man murdered the Guardians of the Globe.
  • Damian Darkblood is banished to Hell for almost ruining the investigation into Omni-Man.
  • Invincible accidentally helped a parasitic race begin a takeover of the Red Planet
  • Robot is actually a deformed human inside a stasis chamber who remotely operates his mechanical body.