The time has finally come. Little Nightmares entranced it’s audience with the bone-chilling world and the journey of Six back in 2017. However, a trailer has been recently released showing us we will be exploring a new world not only with Six but a whole new character. Since this news has rekindled our love for the original game, we wanted to take a look back and analysis/ review this brilliant game. At the end we will tell you some information regarding the sequels release, game-play and audience expectations.

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Photo Source: Little Nightmares – Tarsier Studios (Developer) – BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment (Publisher) – Screenshot from

Lore and art are by far the most discussed topic regarding the game. Most players would tell you that finding various clues and and hints pertaining to the story are half the fun. Online, multiple articles and videos can be found discussing theories related to the games world along with characters. There are so many moments were you have to read in between the lines to appreciate the symbolism or hints. While the graphics were definitely of a good quality, we fell in love with this game for its story.

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Photo Source: Little Nightmares – Tarsier Studios (Developer) – BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment (Publisher) – Screenshot from

As far as game-length is concerned, most players can expect upwards of two hours of game-play. With a price tag being approximately twenty dollars, some players might want to consider other options based on their personal preferences. Considering the amount of time someone would typical take to play this game, some may feel the approximate twenty dollar price tag to be off putting. Along with the base game, there are several DLCs that accompany it (varying in price) that offer more opportunities to explore the strange world Little Nightmares created.

Being rated T for teen also means that this game may not be suited for some audiences. There are depictions of blood and violence coupled with somewhat disturbing symbolism so those how can not handle such things may want to stay away.

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Photo Source: Little Nightmares – Tarsier Studios (Developer) – BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment (Publisher) – Screenshot from

By now you are probably wondering why we state that the nightmare has returned, well good news. After a long wait, fans were finally given a trailer and approximate release date. Based on the trailer. Players will be brought to a world outside of “The Maw” and the introduction of a new character is revealed. Along with Six, Mono (the new character) will traverse a new world filled with dangers. Sources state that this however will not be a co-op game and a character will just be an accompanying AI. There is also speculation that this game will include more combat as more complicated but seemingly weaker enemies will be present (when we say weaker we are comparing them to characters like the Chefs, Janitor, Granny and The Lady). An exact release date has yet to be announced as sources state that its release  will be sometime in 2020.

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