It’s definitely a miracle that Sabrina survived the wrath of the cruel missionaries who invaded Greendale and the church of night. Witches were slaughtered but later resurrected by the mystical powers of Sabrina. It appeared that the Dark Lord used his force to grant Sabrina with powers that distinguish her from all witches at the Academy. The infamous “half-breed” is now a diabolical force. Her scary white eyes and floating ability made her unrecognizable to Harvey, but he was there to catch her when she became weak as always. At first, I thought that after the Dark Lord was done using her, that she would die, but she returned to her not so normal self. Her wounds didn’t phase her a bit after being rushed to get aid, in fact, she performed another miracle, by healing Ambrose. Hilda questioned her new abilities because she didn’t believe that magic could work without some kind of debt. This made sense because in season one Sabrina constantly tried to perform magic without paying the earth’s debt, but this is different. No consequences, no dead bodies owed, just miracles.

Miracle After Miracle 

It’s a miracle that Sabrina can heal, but did you know she can turn rain into sunshine? Sabrina believed that she had tapped into a new source of magic, that gives her the power to control the universe. Although Ambrose was saved by Sabrina, he wasn’t saved from death yet. I believed that Sabrina would do whatever it takes to save her cousin and stick it to Blackwood. Sabrina’s heroic actions during the invasion were able to get the council to agree to more time to prove Ambrose is innocent. I enjoyed seeing Sabrina and Blackwood have words with each other over the agreement. The fact that Blackwood is so threatened by her made the show more entertaining. I was also surprised that Ros finally came around and let Sabrina heal her sight. I was amazed that Sabrina 2.0 doesn’t need spells to heal. Ros was able to wash her eyes out with water to see again. I thought it was romantic how Ros was excited to see Harvey’s handsome face again. I mean who wouldn’t want to see that face?


Zelda’s new housewife look is very cringey to look at. I’m so used to her powerful and arrogant personality that seeing her be this submissive wife makes me want to throw up. She sings, smiles, and is careless to everything that’s going on. It was unclear to me what Blackwood did to her while they were on their honeymoon until Hilda and Sabrina got her alone. When Blackwood got wind of Sabrina’s plan to revive Ambroses’s familiar so that he could tell the council the truth, Blackwood manipulated her into grinding the mouse into mincemeat. It was a horrible sight to watch, the poor animal was just as innocent as Ambrose. Sabrina and Hilda discovered that Blackwood controlled Zelda with the music box he gifted her on their wedding night. I guess the real Zelda wasn’t good enough for him. This made Blackwood look more like the conniving, womanizing, fraud that he is. It’s sad that he views women that way, but he won’t full Zelda long. She might look like a vintage housewife on the outside, but she’s still the Zelda we all know and love on the inside.

Ambrose’s Execution

Since Blackwood made Zelda destroy Ambrose’s familiar and there was no other proof of innocence presented, Ambrose was sentenced to execution. As joyous as this was for father Blackwood to witness, he still didn’t get the last laugh. Sabrina’s miracles were limited because any signs of abnormal magic would be a threat to the council. I like how sneaky she played her cards during this scene. When the executor attempted to behead Ambrose, it was his head that came off instead. Sabrina challenged Blackwood to do it himself. I was hoping that he would so Sabrina could behead him too, but instead the Dark Lord made an appearance. He exposed Blackwood for being a fraud and ordered the council to end the execution. The council noticed the Dark Lord’s displeasantness and revoked his title as antipope.

Yay Or Nay?

We’re getting closer to the season finale and I’m loving the new direction that this season is going in. The new powerful Sabrina has to be my favorite version of Sabrina yet. Even though Sabrina thinks that she is evil because of the shrine that was found in the mines that makes her appear as the Harel of hell, there is still greater good than evil in her.  I’d say yay to this episode because I enjoyed watching Sabrina perform miracles and her streak of proving people wrong. Her overall underdog half-breed outlook on other’s has changed to becoming a top witch at the academy. I also loved how Sabrina tried to spread her father’s teachings with her fellow students and united both witches and mortals in efforts to reform the church of night. I hope that her abilities will continue to encourage other witches and see that the way of the church of night is wrong. I also hope that Prudence will see that being a Blackwood isn’t as honorary as it may seem and that her father will never value her. He never valued any woman in his life, but I hope that we will see the fall of Blackwood and the church of night in the next few episodes. Till the next episode guys!

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