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Please Keep In Mind That This Article Contains Potential Spoilers For “Legacy” and Events That Occurred Prior

Farewell Nora West Allen. You know it’s a shame that this season ended up being such a jumbled mess overall. Nora should have been a continual focus that enhanced the overall narrative consistently. She is Barry’s future child after all. Sadly, that was not the case. Don’t get me wrong—Jessica Parker Kennedy portrayed Nora well for the most part. I just wish she had played a part in a far better season. The character’s presence in general did add some flavor to the proceedings, but she was also an heavy influence to so much that went wrong with the show. It’s a shadow that’s cast over the entire season, one that’s hard to simply ignore.

On one hand, I do commend the show for following through on a rather dark turn. Barry and Iris did watch their own child disintegrate in front of them. On the other hand though, what if the writer’s decided to actually give us some payoff for Thawne’s connection to Nora? Say, for instance, if he caved in and took/forced Nora into the Negative Speed Force against her will—essentially warping her into a sidekick for Thawne himself. More interesting? I personally think so. The season overall has been riddled with problems in regard to missed opportunists, lack of payoff, and character consistency. So I guess continuing this trend is no surprise.

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Nora finally having a moment with her mother. Photo courtesy of

At the very least, the finale was able to give us more Thawne. Even surrounded by mediocre—bordering on bad—material, Reverse Flash seems to always bring interesting things to the table. His entire escape scene was really fun to watch. Also neat was the entirety of Team Flash getting a cool showdown against Thawne. But let’s be honest, there’s zero chance that Thawne wouldn’t have been able to dodge that time travel sphere. When you think about it, Revere Flash’s content in this episode feels like it belongs more in a season premiere/set-up than they do in a finale. When you break it down, within 20 minutes or less he escaped and than ran away—a newly free man to cause Barry problems again. I want to take this moment to remind you that they dropped the ball on further Thawne development as they absolutely nothing with his connection to Nora.

While I wouldn’t blame you for forgetting, Revere Flash wasn’t the only threat in this episode. Cicada was a thing as well, wasn’t she? Them? It seems that not even the writer’s gave much thought to either of them. I mean they managed to have their villain of the entire season have the same amount (if not less than) of emotional significance as most of their villains of the week. Cicada’s entire storyline went out with a fizzle, and I couldn’t have cared less. It seems like they also forgot about Orlin—I mean where’d he go? What happens to him now? Do I care? No—but it would have been nice for the show itself to. As for Grace, well she no longer exists. With her boring and unoriginal evil plan having been extinguished, and her dagger destroyed, Grace ceased to exist.

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Vibe hiding for his life. Photo courtesy of Bleeding Cool.

When it came to Team Flash’s victory plan, the show yet again dropped the ball on plot potential. I’m referring directly to Nora and Grace’s mental connection—specifically the time spent in her mental headspace. Not only did it have little to no impact or importance, but the show breezes through this important aspect of Grace (while also never utilizing it in the dozen or so episodes between now and when it happened). I mean young Grace finally wakes up, and somehow—along with the scary image she now has of her grown up self—it affects nothing. Also it’s important to note, if waking Grace were that easy, why the hell did it take so long for her to be awoken? Honestly, their first trip into her mind should have been enough.

What about everyone else on Team Flash? Ralph was stuck in a reflective state, until well—he wasn’t. I mean honestly, their solution was so easy that it should have been one of the first things to come to their mind. A real face palm moment for sure. Then there was Sherloque, who we got to see pass the torch to Ralph when it comes to the detective of the team. Sherloque honestly grew of me more than I thought he would—even with those amazingly terrible and out of touch emoji jokes. So I’ll miss him for sure, but with the show’s obsession with the Wells gimmick, I’m sure someone else will come along sooner rather than later. Who we won’t be seeing for awhile—if ever again—is Vibe. Cisco has officially hung up the costume and been cured. I still firmly believe that this storyline was born solely from the actor wanting to move on from the show. This journey and the decisions that come with it don’t fit with the Cisco Ramon that we’ve spent time with for five season’s now. Last, but not least, there was Joe—who is now the Police Captain. A long time coming for sure, but it doesn’t excuse his forced/contrived plot last episode.

With “Legacy”, The Flash has officially closed out one of its worst seasons yet. Will season 6 offer a return to quality? Who knows. At the very least, it would seem that Flash’s disappearance in the mysterious Crisis event is finally going to be at the forefront of the plot. It’s a huge mystery that has been with us since the very start of the show. So I hope the creative team behind the next season really feels the pressure to deliver something at least decent. When it comes to paying off such an integral storyline, it goes without saying that they really don’t want to mess this one up.


Bonus Notes:

  • I would have sounded like a broken record had I mentioned it above, but this episode is filled to the brim with timey wimey plot holes. You just have to stop thinking about them simply to follow along.
  • The guard bringing Thawne’s ring to him on death row was honestly one of the single dumbest things I’ve seen on this show. In no world would that have happened—at least in the manner by which is was shown to us. The writer’s just wanted to give Thawne his suit back—and for some reason they settled on this illogical and lazy way of doing so.
  • There wasn’t even an attempt to explain the haphazardly thrown in plot point of Cicada’s dagger resting in a pouch on Thawne’s chest.