As we see Merry’s heart break because though Frost is not dead, he rose as a stag and ran off. So Merry still effectively lost Frost. Plus she was just raped by her uncle, The Seelie King of Light and Illusion, King Taranis. The good news is she is pregnant before her cousin Cel. She alone has claim to the throne providing Merry can carry the twins (maybe triplets) to term and deliver them.

The bad news is now that she is pregnant, there will be more gunning for her. Merry and her men must be on high alert more than ever. Even in the hospital with her family, she is not safe from her own family. Gran goes nuts. She tries to take out Merry because Merry’s cousin Cair put a spell on her to kill her cousin. Gran is talked down from the spell only to lose it again. Unfortunately Gran, the only mother Merry has ever know, is also taken from her.

Merry and Sholto called the Wild Hunt to hunt down Cair. Merry is able to invoke Kinslayer in the Hunt which is like bumping a murder up to a hate crime. As the story unfolds it comes to light that Lord Finbar and his son Barris had parts to play in this too. Cair calls to Finbar to help and he refuses to help her. Cair died by Merry’s hand. Now they must race to save Mistral.

Merry must fight harder than ever before. You would think for someone who has the favor of both the Goddess and the God they would be safe and celebrated. Nope, Merry must survive. She is twice crowned of the Sidhe. Can she ever come home to peace? Til next week…