My jaw dropped In the previous episode of the Umbrella Academy because Vanya’s rage caused her to slit Alison’s throat open. I agreed with the other’s that she shouldn’t have gone after her alone, but she made it her mission because she wanted to save her from Leonard. Fear, not fans our beautiful Alison has not officially left us yet. I thought that Alison’s death would be apart of the beginning of the Apocolypse, but number five concluded that it was Harold Jenkins that played a huge factor in its occurrence. In this episode we found out If Alison survived her sister’s wrath of rage, what’s next for hazel and Cha-Cha, and how will the other’s reaction to Vanya’s discovered powers.

 Is Alison Dead?

Umbrella Academy fans you can breathe because Alison is okay. Luckily her family got her back to the academy in time to receive proper treatment from Pogo and Grace. I was scared that it might have been the end for Alison because Luther would be really out of control. He was already upset that Pogo had kept his secrets, and was really upset when the final one came to the light. Alison’s vocal cords were damaged severally so she was unable to speak through the entire episode. When she woke up from her slumber she was able to inform Luther through a notepad that Vanya had powers. Luther was in disbelief as he always is when it comes to his conspiracy theories, but Pogo assured him that it was true. I like how protective Luther is over Alison, but I don’t like how he failed to see the bigger picture. He underestimated Vanya before he could even see what she was fully capable. To be in the family that he is in, I think it’s crazy that the side eye’s small things while bigger things continue to unfold in front of him. I know he’s been on the moon for a long time, but he needs to bring his mind back to what’s going on on earth. Vanya has the potential to unleash hell on them if provoked to so she should be treated like a ticking time by. During this time in the episode, Vanya discovered her father’s journal in Leonard’s journal revealing Alison’s truth.

Bye Bye Harold Jenkins

We know that Leonard Peabody is actually five’s target Harold Jenkins. When Five, Diego, and Klaus finally made it to his location the work was already done. When Vanya found out that Leonard was using her as a sick revenge plot, he called her Ordinary and made her kill him with her force. I was surprised that the family didn’t investigate his cause of death since it was a horrific scene, but they cared more about eliminating the equation that causes the apocalypse. The eyeball that five carried around for decades finally found his owner. I was happy to see that my prediction was right about Leonard’s eye. The family might think that all of their troubles are over now that Leonard is dead, but the trouble has just begun.

   Donut Love 

Hazel’s plan to escape the life of being a time-traveling assassin came to a standstill when he discovered his beloved Lady Agnus tied up to a chair held by a rope over a boiling hot tub. You gotta love Cha-Cha for coming up with this stuff, but she was no match for the love that Hazel had for his donut queen or what Cha-Cha likes to refer her as a “donut whore”. They were second’s away from boiling the poor old lady, The Handler made an appearance….again. I was shocked by her arrival because I thought that five made sure no one made it out of that building alive and that there were no more briefcases left, but somehow this b**ch made it out with just a scar. No burns, but a scar! After Hazel and Cha-Cha discovered that they’ve been bamboozled by five, they were assigned a new mission. To protect Vanya Hargreeves.

Welcome Home Vanya

After Vanya killed Leonard, she wanted to make amends with her family and apologize for hurting Alison. I knew that she really didn’t mean to go that far, but she could be dangerous to her other family members if she doesn’t have any control over her powers.  When she entered the academy she was greeted by Luther who appeared to be calm and welcoming, but bear hugged her into sleep. Luther placed Vanya in the cellar that she spent her childhood in while Sir. Hargreeves tried to teach her how to control her powers. It’s true that Sir. Hargreeves had to isolate her from the others because her powers were beyond her control. Sir. Hargreeves had to custom make Grace to fit the dangers that she proposed to ordinary nannies. After the others discovered her capabilities and reasoning for her being locked away, they all wanted to help, but Luther insisted on doing things the same way his father did. I didn’t like how selfish Luther was being about the situation especially just making it about Alison. They all criticized their father for the way that he raised him, so I thought it was stupid of Luther to do this to Vanya. He hated being on the moon away from everyone with a body that made him feel like a freak so he should’ve understood how Vanya felt.

For once I actually agreed with Diego when it came to this. He treated Vanya harshly, so I was surprised that he actually wanted to be there for her and give her a chance to be apart of the family for once. I was heartbroken when Alsion found her family. Even though Vanya slit her throat open, Alison forgave her and still wanted to be a good sister to her. When she asked Luther to let her out, he wouldn’t allow it. She wanted to see her sister, but he just treated her like an animal. I’m pretty sure It will be a long time before Alison will forgive him for it. The way Vanya was treated by other’s were the main reason’s why her powers became uncontrollable. Once Vanya heard the voice of the young version of herself who was just a lonely, ordinary, and useless child, she unleashed her powers to escape her personal prison. She stood in front of the broken cell with glowing eyes of evil. The apocalypse will continue because of Vanya.

Yay Or Nay

This episode was action-packed and filled with the scenes that I was itching to see. I was hoping to see five and the other’s do a little more digging for clue’s to find out if the apocalypse was really over, but five was too mesmerized by his eyeball obsession and doll figures wife. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this episode a lot so I’m going to give it a big fat Yay! I can’t wait to see the hell that Vanya is going to unleash and what the rest of the Umbrella Academy will do to stop her. Before the bad get’s ugly, I hope that Alison will get to see her daughter again. My excitement is up to the roof and I can’t wait to see the last episode. I hope you guys have been staying tuned and enjoying the show just like I have. Till next episode everyone!

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