After another re-cap episode, JoJo comes back strong. The final pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together as we enter the last portion of the series.


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Bruno, Giorno, Narancia, Mista and Trish all escape from Sardinia after finding clue Abbacchio left for them upon his death to the boss’s identity. They struggle to find any further information though until they are contacted by a mysterious person through the computer. He this voice tells them more about the arrows and stands origins that began to be explored in Part 4 and started off Part 5, gives them more information about the Boss, finally revealing his name as Diavolo, and tells them there is one hope to defeat the Boss. In order to do so they must come to him in Rome. There are hints of who this is for those who know where to look.


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Doppio receives a few more “calls” from his other half, first instructing him that Bruno and his group must have found something out about his identity as they are not completely crushed by the death of Abbacchio and are heading off with purpose. Secondly Doppio is instructed to contact Cioccolata and Secco. We are given background to both of them, with Cioccolata being the most disturbed character presented in JoJo since J. Geil. He is a doctor who tortures and hacks people to death for fun, recording all of it so he can watch it again later. The group is attacked by his stand, Green Day, as they arrive to the coast of Italy. Here, of course through Giorno’s brilliance, they figure out what Green Day does but have yet to confront Cioccolata.


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The episode is added to the dozens of quality episodes produced for this season of JoJo as one of the best fights is set up for next week (and perhaps the week after) with the climactic finish right around the corner.