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Episode Synopsis:

While Daddy deals with backlash, Badison plots revenge. Flaca finds a co-host for her radio show. Lorna discovers that pregnancy has its perks.


Daddy- This episode was all about Daddy and her back story, and there definitely were some twists and turns. Her backstory didn’t really surprise me, because since she ran an escort business before she landed in jail, she’s practically doing the same thing in Max now. She has her group of girls that she protects. But as for the rest of her storyline in this episode, it was interesting to see her fail as a leader. She’s working under Barb, which isn’t running too smoothly, and her girls are depending on her for drugs, which she can’t get, now that the prison’s cheese jobs are gone. I liked that we saw Daddy crack under the pressure, but I don’t know how to feel about Daya coming to her rescue at the end. It was nice that she wanted to make sure she was ok, but Daddy hasn’t exactly been the best to Daya so far.

Aleida- Continuing with Aleida’s story; we now find out that she’s trying to get her kids out of foster care. Sadly, when she goes to visit them, her two older kids, don’t want anything to do with her. I really can’t blame them, because their mom wasn’t the best influence on them, when they were younger. I believe that now, Aleida is trying to make a difference in her life, but it’s not like she’s changed her ways that much. She still likes making a scene, which always gets her in trouble. It’s definitely a tricky subject, in terms of if she would be a good parent, now that she’s out of prison.

Red vs her girls- I feel like at this point, Red is the only one that is still trying to protect herself and won’t betray her girls. Unfortunately, all her girls have already betrayed her, and she feels like she’s all alone. I totally feel for her, because since the beginning, she has gone above and beyond to protect her girls, but I think at this point, people are getting tired and they want out of prison as a soon as possible. Also, since the girls who “started the riot,” are at risk for getting longer sentences, they are caving in and ratting people out. Even at this point, Red finally caved, and signed the paperwork, stating that she insighted the riot. And what’s also extremely sad, is that since she feels betrayed by her family in prison, even her real family don’t seem to care about her coming home anytime soon. When she was talking on the phone with her son, he seemed distant and I guessed just used to the fact now, that his mother will be in prison for a long time. I do hope that some good happens to Red down the line.

Taystee- Another fighter in the riot group is Taystee. She’s been fighting since Poussey died, but I feel like it’s going to be hard for her to win her case in court. She’s desperately trying to make it known, that she didn’t commit murder, but that’s going to be hard to sway the people at her hearing. Unfortunately, she did touch a murder weapon, so that’s going against her, and she only has Caputo on her side. What was nice to see, was that people are rallying behind her for her justice, but on the flip side, even her friends, like Cindy, are worried for her. When Taystee told Cindy that she didn’t take a plea, it was sad to see Cindy’s face fall with concern for her friend.

C block vs D block- Well, now things are getting a little more interesting. Madison decided to wage war against D block, and told her girls to crap on D block’s uniforms, and now there’s no turning back. Funnily enough, Carol wasn’t thrilled with Madison’s choice of revenge, but we’ll see what happens next. Things probably won’t end well.

Other- Some other unimportant matters happened in the episode, like Linda and Figueroa going at each other’s throats, which was kind of funny, but on the flip side, I’m just done with Linda at this point. We got some light-hearted scenes, with Piper and Alex talking about their potential prison wedding, and weirdly, Flaca and Cindy decided to become friends and host the radio show together. That’ll be an interesting pair to see interact with each other.