The Game of Thrones is suffering from timing issues, and issues that could have been avoided. Much like myself as of late, trying to pack to many things into a short time frame, the effectiveness is off.

The directors were give a chance to have a full slate of episodes for the previous season, and they declined. They were offered a a full slate of episodes for this final season, and yet again, they declined. Reports are they also had the option to have more seasons, and yet they declined. As viewers and lovers of the show we should have seen that as a problem from the beginning. We kept optimistic and excited for the final season, but as the lowest rated season of Game of Thrones(through it’s first four episodes) it hasn’t delivered.

The White Walkers have been seen as the big bad for 7 years, yet they were all dispatched in one episode. People are bouncing around the map like they have unlocked the fast travel perk in a video game. Throw away lines like, ‘the new Prince of Dorne pledges his support’, are being thrown out to try to help move the story forward. Rhaegal gets killed in, frankly bullshit fashion, hitting him 3 times in a row with a big bolt and killing Rhaegal, essentially to hurry and make the last battle more ‘even.’ Yet when the directors were explaining what happened, they said that Daenery’s, ‘forgot’ about Euron and the iron fleet. Seriously? GTFOH, with that nonsense, the people are to smart for this type of story telling after 7 seasons, and the directors should be pretty ashamed of themselves.

As I just finished watching the 5th episode, I can’t help but think, yet again that the episode was just to rushed. Silly deaths, no real resolution on the actual point of the show with one episode to go. Other parts of the world have been seemingly non existent, and now Winterfell has faced the same fate. With one episode to go, we might not see the north again, they have to have a say in the matter at some point.

This episode had a few items I enjoyed, Jon Snow trying to fight back against the carnage put on by Daenerys, Cleganebowl, that was fought and ended pretty much how I expected it. I enjoyed seeing Arya fight for her life again, and that she is not going to put up with what is going on, I thought Snow would be the one to kill Daenerys, but I can talk myself in Arya having that honor too.

What was predictable, was the obvious Daenerys heel turn, it was not shocking, they set it up to far in advance, and now it seems she is the queen, the queen of the subjects that always followed her, nobody new is wanting to follow her. I HATED that Grey Worm turned bad, I understand it, but I didn’t like seeing it. Also, I hate how they left it somewhat open ended that Cersei and Jaime died by rubble crushing. If they did, it was a sad way to have both of them die on this show and they deserved better.

The series finale leaves the following questions that might actually be resolved.

Does Daenerys keep the throne? If not who kills her and takes the throne.
What is going to happen with Jon Snow and Daenerys? Does Jon now know that he is a better choice for the throne? This same question could also be made for Arya and Tyrion and how they might want to make a move.
Does Winterfell get word on what happened and have a say in anything?

One thing is clear, main players remaining are Daeners, Jon Snow, Tyrion, Arya. With some outside players being Bran and Sansa Stark, you also have to take into account Grey Worm and Drogon will have roles in what is to come, if anyone goes after Daenerys they could have to go through either, or both of those first.

At this moment, the throne, if it is still upright, is Daenery’s to lose, but she might have more people coming for it than Cersei ever had!