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The family way on “The Catch” is more of a concept. Honestly these folks are more frenemies than family; wary acquaintances rather than bosom buddies.

Leading from last week’s episode, Alice and Ben are at a literal standoff. Guns trained on each other, hands on the Southland cartel’s $3M, Ben states the obvious: “We’re not gonna shoot each other…are we?” It’s the utter unpredictability of their relationship. The unconventional nature of how they met, fell in love and maintain their affection is distinctively them and distinctively dysfunctional.

The couple face a quandary: save Rhys (headed toward anaphylactic shock due to a knife cut laced with puffer fish venom) or save Tommy (headed for a certain traitor’s death at the hands of the cartel). Alice’s solution, borrow the funds from Margot. This is, of course, an awful idea.

Picture Source: The Catch on ABC Network/Kelsey McNeal

Funds procured, Ben manages to fend off Jesse (Japanese Consul General’s jewel laundering son) and play the long con with Agent Diaz’s assistance. Setting up Yumi and Jesse by playing them against one another, Ben and Rhys prove their invaluable skill set by handing the two thieves to Agent Diaz on a silver platter. But, the diamonds…where’d they go (one guess)?

As for Alice’s lame brother Tommy, his bail was paid by a mystery man named Ethan. Every time his name is mentioned, Alice’s face loses what little color it has and breath shortens. He’s the commercial real estate guru of L.A., so we know he has money. He also looks at Alice in a way that an old flame would. Hmm, very, very interesting.

Tommy’s out, the cartel is neutralized (quick thinking and fabrications by Alice) and the money is gone. Guess who has it? Lame. Butt. Tommy. The final tet-a-tet between him and Alice occurs at the airport, where she lays an the ultimatum down. The money or her. That’s it. We all know what he chose.

Picture Source: The Catch on ABC Network/Kelsey McNeal

In Kensington Firm news, Margot’s would-be assassin is careful but not quite careful enough. Using a picture of a stolen $300,000 crocodile bag the assassin has in her possession, Val and Danny setup a trap at a Kensington Firm safehouse. Imagine everyone’s surprise when the young woman greets Margot with a “Hello Mum.” Hello indeed.

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Picture Source: The Catch on ABC Network