Holy shit were my predictions wrong.

Here I’ve been, so busy waxing poetic over the idea of Jack being the villain for the final season that it never even occurred to me that the Big Man Himself would be the Big Bad!

Moriah was a really solid finale to a pretty shaky season, and goes to show that, when they want to, the writers of the CW’s flagship series still have some steam in their engines. Whether they have enough left for the payoff fifteen years in the making has yet to be determined but, damn, this one was a good’un.

It basically picks up right where we left off: an angry Jack tossing the boys and Cas around and skipping town. There is more bickering and assholishness between TFW, as Dean has sped lightning fast past even trying to save Jack right to killing him, which is not sitting well with the other two. But hey since when does Dean let silly things like other people’s opinions stand in the way of him doing what HE thinks is right. Sorry, still a little bitter.

Emo Jack is mad that everyone lies and tells the world to STOP, and what follows is a fun little break of everyone having to tell the truth (PS *I* am the Stapler Queen). Some fun facts: Sam loves Celine Dion, the internet is quiet when folks can’t lie, and Dean is in a Mom Group. I love it. Chaos eventually ensues, however, because nothing can be fun for the boys for too long.

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Eventually, Cas shows up with a dapper Chuck, who decided to pop in and say, “Hey, not sure you noticed, but the world is ending!” Dean smashes a guitar (HA!) and God lets everyone lie again. Hurray!

After catching up on the haps with Jack, Chuck magics a gun he likes to call the “Equalizer” for someone to shoot Jack with. It’ll kill the kid, but also kill whoever shoots the gun. So, it’s basically made for Dean’s self-sacrificing ass. Cas cannot believe that they’re not even considering saving Jack again, especially since God Himself is there and can repair the nephilim’s soul. Dean tells Cas to get on board with killing his kid or get out, and a pissed off Cas leaves.

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Sam is likewise upset that Dean is so ready to kill someone who has become family without batting an eye, but Dean just grunts about Mary and monster and does his thing. Sam later talks to God who lets it slip that Sam and Dean of THIS world are his favorite show. Indignant that Chuck has been watching their struggles for literally their entire lives, Sam asks why the fuck saving the world always falls on them? Chuck just says “You’re my guys! OH and your brother already left!”

Meanwhile Jack finds Cas in a cemetery and they have a talk. Jack tell Cas that, while Mary was a mistake, he’s been trying to do the right thing ever since (the Duma debacle notwithstanding), and no matter what it always turns pear-shaped. Like father, like son, it seems. Poor kid. Poor Cas. Jack tells Cas he just wanted to be good, but now he’s empty. Cas begins to tell Jack a plan to try and save him, but Dean shows up, gun raised, and Cas steps between his bestie (or frienemy? I mean…) and their son. Sigh.

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Long story short, before we get to the good stuff: Jack tosses Cas out of the way, gets on his knees, and tells Dean it’s okay, he’s accepted his fate. Sam comes running to stop Dean, and I’m about as riveted as Chuck is watching, literally shushing Sam. Ultimately, Dean can’t do it, and Chuck gets pissed.

Chuck tries to get Dean to kill Jack, he tells it like Dean’s life is a story, he pressures, he orders and even offers to bring Mary back, but the Winchesters are wise to his game now. The boys are so horrified that Chuck just sat back and watched their entire lives, full of pain and death and anguish and not only did nothing, but enjoyed the show. Dean refuses to kill Jack, and tells God Himself to go to Hell. Chuck, furious now, kills Jack Himself, and when Sam shoots Chuck (and therefore himself) in the arm with the Equalizer, well, that really sends Chuck over the edge, and he releases EVERY SINGLE FUCKING SOUL FROM HELL. The trio is horrified because there are legit zombies rising from the graves, and they get ready to fight another hopeless fight.

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While we get zombies, the killer clown, Bloody Mary, and La Llorona all over the place, Jack wakes up in the Empty, just feet away from Lucifer’s open and waiting arms. Just before he reaches him, Billie stops him, greeting him with a “We should talk.”

I was really worried about how this finale was going to go, I’m not gonna lie, but the idea that, with this temper tantrum and snap of his fingers, the show has opened the doors for so many characters and actors from Supernatural’s impressive run to make an appearance in the final season, and I am HERE. FOR. IT. I also have to say, the boys and Cas needed this reminder that, just because he looks like a nerdy (and dapper) writer, God’s Wrath is very real, and very deadly. This is the not-so-cuddly Old Testament God, and I think they’re gonna be getting that refresher course with a quickness.

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Now, about Dean: I love this man, but he’s a full grown human adult who one day needs to learn healthier ways of grieving. I understand the pain that is causing him to lash out, and the grief he’s dealing with, but that doesn’t mean I like it. I don’t like the Dean who can only have a shred of empathy for Sam and no one else. I am not a fan of the Dean who would toss his best friend aside like said friend hasn’t been through literal Hell for him. I don’t like it. I don’t care if it’s in character for him, because frankly it’s not anymore. After we’ve seen such growth from both him and Sam, the past few episodes have been such a stunning regression. I’m thrilled that he couldn’t kill Jack, and that he once again defied a powerful entity, refusing to be their tool, but there is one season of this epic story left, and I’d really really like to spend it not pissed at my boy for being a giant asshole.

What did you think of the finale? Are you excited about the massive launching pad for some of our old faves to return??