A mysterious island, paranormal happenings and a past that wont stay buried, why wouldn’t you want to trap yourself there all night? We play as Alex, a teenage girl with more than a few secrets of her own. In a game where choice matters, what will you as a player chooses? With all that being said, let us delve into the game to discuss it’s various attributes along with it’s pros and cons.

Oxenfree (3)

Photo Source: Oxenfree – Night School Studio (Developer) – Night School Studio (Publisher)

First off, the price, this game is approximately twenty dollars so with that in mind the game offers around four hours of engagement per play-through. There are alternate endings that vary both greatly and subtly. At the end, there is even a chart to compare your choices with your fellow gamers. We are also given beautifully displayed graphics which was definitely a highlight of this game.

The primary location for this game takes place on Edwards Island, home to an interesting history with various structures as a result. The are five living characters in total but players act as Alex, a young teenage girl.

These characters all possess their own charm from quirky to cold but you will find your feelings for each are challenged over the course of the game. As I mentioned before, there are five alive characters but we wont go into detail about the dead as they prove to be just as captivating as the living in this game. Learning more about The Sunken (as they are referred to) take you on a journey because you have to learn more about what is happening to you and your peers and they are a large part of that. An endearing piece that makes this game standout somewhat is the fact that it makes you use a radio throughout the game to learn more information and solve puzzles which ties in with the paranormal theme.

Oxenfree (4)

Photo Source: Oxenfree – Night School Studio (Developer) – Night School Studio (Publisher)

The level of horror used in this game is perfect, its alarming enough to stimulate ones sense of panic but not to the point of turning away those who do not favor shock. There are moments that depict violence so be sure to check the age restrictions of this game before playing but we found the level of terror to be perfect for those not looking for a racing pulse. Depending on how you interact within the game, players are given the choice to produce a positive outcome which can contract the fear.

Oxenfree (2)

Photo Source: Oxenfree – Night School Studio (Developer) – Night School Studio (Publisher)

“Oxenfree” created the perfect level of horror given the eerie calm feel. Despite walking around being the majority of what the character does, with the occasional puzzle thrown in, the supernatural elements mixed with the mystery is enough to create a restless feeling. The puzzles are also ideal for most causal gamers as they are interesting but not to difficult to figure out. The primary con I have against this game is the price. While the set price is not outrageous, one would only get the full worth if they intended to play it multiple times to try and achieve the alternate endings. If you have played this game and enjoy the efforts/ talent of Night School Studio then your in luck as they will be releasing a game a some point in 2019.

Personally, we are excited to play Night School Studio’s upcoming game, set to release some time this year, “Afterparty”. We watched the trailer and while it has similar aspects to “Oxenfree”, it offers an interesting concept of partying your way out of hell. The layout seems the be more vast and there will definitely be some back story to uncover. Another highlight though would be that a similar art style will be used for the game which is a pro for us as “Oxenfree” looked lovely. As always, be sure to check the age restrictions of games before you play as certain materials may not be suitable for children.

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