Last week Tom Holland was noticeably absent from the Avengers: Endgame premiere red carpet. According to his Instagram stories, this was due to the fact that he was hard at work on another film. So what is the movie that kept him away from what may just be the world’s largest film opening? It’s the biggest film you’ve never heard of: Chaos Walking. 


Tom Holland & Daisy Ridley on the set of Chaos Walking. Source: Daisy Ridley Facebook/Lionsgate.

Yep, you read that caption right — Star Wars star Daisy Ridley joins Holland on this Lionsgate adaptation (with director Doug Liman of Edge of Tomorrow) of a post-apocalyptic YA novel series from author Patrick Ness. The Chaos Walking series includes 3 books, the first of which was published in 2008. The film was originally slated for March 2019, but the film has been pushed back indefinitely. Yikes.

The series follows Todd Hewitt as he navigates a dangerous new world where a virus called “The Noise” causes everyone’s thoughts and consciousness to be linked, eventually creating an inescapable wind tunnel of constant sensory information (kinda like Twitter, right?) — that is, until he meets Viola Eade, who is not only mysteriously immune, but also can share her silence with those around her.

So it’s your average YA adaption, seems pretty straightforward (or at least, as straightforward as those can be). Lionsgate bought the rights to the series after its massive success with The Hunger Games, but apparently this production hasn’t been a smooth sail to box office bounty.

While The Hunger Games was produced for a humble $78 million, Chaos Walking was already way over that line at $100 million before the reshoots that called Holland away from the Endgame premiere (and everyone in Hollywood knows that the word “reshoot” means deep, deep trouble).

Reportedly, the Lionsgate execs found the initial cut to be so terrible that it was deemed “unreleasable,” forcing the cast and crew to return to set and try again. The script currently has six writers attached to it (not a good sign), and Ness was brought in for additional help.

While there’s been no release date announced, it’s clear that Lionsgate does intend to see the project through (can’t let those expensive reshoots go to waste!). So, will the movie be saved, or was it doomed from the start? Either way, when it comes out it’ll make a lot of noise.

Tell Us: What do you think, will Chaos Walking be any good?