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Gotham Characters, Lost And Forgotten Pt. 4: Season 4

Don’t you ever wonder what happened again with all the characters which have come by in the many episodes that Gotham has had so far? Many of them were only present for an episode or two and that while some of them had so much potential to be more than ‘just’ an episode filler or a name mentioned a couple of times. But without further ado, here are a couple of characters that you might have forgotten existed in season 4.


Martin (Ep. ‘Stop Hitting Yourself’)
We first meet Martin when Oswald visits his school as the mayor and he sees Martin getting bullied because of his lack of speech.
Taking Martin under his wing, Cobblepot taught him how to use one of the bullies to his advantage by befriending one of them. They get a bond and Martin helps out Cobblepot whenever it is necessary. During a charity event, Martin was to perform with the other students, but the event was crashed by Professor Pyg. While the children and the kitchen staff were safely locked in the kitchen, Professor Pyg had Martin play the triangle and even threatened Martin’s life to get the dinner attendees to eat the meat pie. Sometime after Professor Pyg was arrested, Martin wrote on his pad to Cobblepot that he saw Sofia kissing the policeman. After Martin admits that he lied about it and was set up by Sofia, Cobblepot plans to have Martin taken back to the orphanage. When sometime later, Cobblepot wants to make it up to him, he only finds his neck pad with a picture showing that he was kidnapped. After rescuing Martin from Sofia Falcone, Cobblepot faked Martin’s death by hiding him in a safe part under the car and blowing up the vehicle. Once Sofia and her allies were fooled, Cobblepot orders Victor Zsasz to take Martin somewhere safe that is far away from Gotham City. But after Zsasz reveals that his loyalty lay at Sofia’s all along he took Martin to her and she held Martin captive. Weeks later, he was rescued by the Riddler at the behest of Oswald and brought to a safe place where he remains until this date.

Anubis & The Hunter (Ep. The Demon’s Head’)
Anubis and The Hunter are members of The League of Shadows. Both of them were ordered by Ra’s al Ghul to steal the Mesopotamian embalming knife which is the only thing that could kill Ra’s. At the Gotham City Museum, the duo attacked Bruce and Gordon. But using a bone from one of the skeletons, Gordon threw it out the window with Anubis following it. After tricking Anubis out the window, Gordon helped Bruce to fight The Hunter where Gordon managed to stab and kill him. With Hunter dead, we don’t know what happened to Anubis.


Headhunter (Ep. ‘A Day in the Narrows’)
We first meet Headhunter when Victor Zsasz is out of town and he recommends Headhunter to Cobblepot until he returns. Headhunter accompanied Cobblepot and his men when they assisted the Gotham City Police Department into hunting down Professor Pyg in The Narrows. Thanks to a trap by Professor Pyg, Headhunter got wounded at his eye. When Headhunter speaks against Cobblepot in The Iceberg Lounge, Cobblepot drew a knife hidden in his cane to stab Headhunter first in the throat and then in his chest before heading to his office, leaving the badly injured Headhunter behind.

After getting out of the hospital where he now wears an eyepatch, Headhunter and Victor Zsasz team up to raid Arkham Asylum. But this turns out to be a diversion so that Nygma can get Cobblepot out of Arkham, and Headhunter, Zsasz, Gordon and Bullock end up in a gunfight. Upon tracing Arthur Penn to his location at a spa, Headhunter, Zsasz, and Sofia end up in a gunfight with Gordon and Bullock. After which, Headhunter and Zsasz chased after Bullock and Penn. After the two of them escaped in Lee’s car, Headhunter and Zsasz gave up the pursuit and went to get smoothies when they saw the police cars come into view. We still see Zsasz throughout the rest of the season, but I think we can assume that Headhunter had enough action in Gotham and decided to find his luck somewhere else.


Sampson (Ep. ‘Things That Go Boom’)
Sampson is/was a gangster that operates in the southern part of The Narrows. When Lee Thompkins opens her clinic in The Narrows she met him when he was suffering from a medical condition. She tells him to come to her clinic to do a check-up, but when Lee comes to her clinic later she finds the place thrashed. In order to get revenge, Lee and Nygma come up with a plan to poison Sampson. In return for the antidote, he then has to leave The Narrows. He is put back on his thrown when Sofia Falcone is sick of Lee running The Narrows and the both of them overthrow her. Sampson then reveals his agreement with Falcone by surprisingly showing up at the Cherry’s, bringing a hammer with him for Sofia to smash Lee’s hand.

Seizing control of the Narrows, Sampson beats up a man and shoots him in front of his family to serve as a warning to all the inhabitants of the Narrows. After putting Sofia in a coma, Lee gets her revenge on Sampson by having her men beat him up and she breaks Sampson’s hand with a hammer in return. Sampson leaves The Narrows and that is the last thing we hear from him.


The Dentist (Ep. ‘Things That Go Boom’)
Penguin uses The Dentist as a way to torture Sofia Falcone after she revealed her plans to him. Before he can begin his extraction of her teeth, Sofia started to threaten his wife and son and tells him that she knows their exact location. Moreover, she claimed that in the event that she is ever tortured her people have instructions to kill her tormentor’s family. Fearing the loss of his wife and son, the Dentist kills one of Penguin’s henchmen and unties Sofia.

Sofia then starts to use The Dentist for herself to torture Nygma into telling them where Oswald Cobblepot is. And he was there when a frozen Cobblepot was brought to Sofia by Mr Freeze. When Penguin is freed from the ice, Cobblepot demands that the Dentist tells him where Nygma is. The Dentist tells Cobblepot that two of Sofia’s men took Nygma to the pier to kill him. What happened afterwards with The Dentist is unknown. It is unlikely that Penguin hired him again after he betrayed his trust, but I don’t think that Penguin had him killed. I would assume that after all this, The Dentist went home to his wife and son and retired from the criminal life.

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