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The Magicians – S04E08 Review + Analysis

This episode holds quite a lot of encounters, quests and adventures, Alice agrees to help Zelda to enter the mirror realm and help save her daughter Harriet. We find out what the echoes of Harriet were: Alice calls them Shards* – she says that the longer you spend in the Mirror Realm, it refracts you. Whilst NotEliot is dealing with a strong dose of unwanted humanity. The deal he has struck with Quentin requires him to no longer drink, do drugs, or do anything that could kill Eliot’s body. Due to his hedonistic pursuits he is now enduring some heavy withdrawal symptoms. To the viewers enjoyment.

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Kady enlists Pete help in order to help Quentin and the group find NotEliot’s next body organ, which they find out is actually in the hoard of a dragon. Much to Pete’s disappointment, he finds out that the existence of dragons is not news to the group, they in fact have met several. The require a trade in order to get the object the need from the dragon they need something of equal value to give in its place. They end up finding Poppy pretending to be pregnant with a dragon hybrid, when in fact she has a fertilized dragon egg that she’d hiding. Julia recovers it and trades it with the East River Dragon.

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Alice and her mother attempt to get over their distances, the spell she needs to perform requires a mother and a daughter. Reluctantly she goes back to her mothers house and manages to perform the spell, under a fair amount of passive-aggressive behaviours. In return for her help, Zelda had promised Alice her freedom and her friends return, Alice is dismayed to find out that Sheila has joined the Library and is working with them, she remains convinced that the Library brainwashed her or has her under a hold.

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Later on, as payment for giving the egg to the Dragon, her assistant brings Julia the stone organ in return. An interesting conversation takes place:

“My mistress wishes you good fortune in recovering your truth, she advises you not to accept your current circumstance; it would be best for you, and all of our kind that you make this state you find yourself in, temporary.” When asked by Julia if his mistress had any advice as to how she do that he responds: “You must seek the binder.”

This meaning that its possible either for Julia to regain all her Goddess powers, or for her to return to a human magician. We’re hoping it’s the former.


Fen’s adventure ends up acquiring a new tag-along, the High King Margo. They end up on a bullshit Mister Miyagi-esque feat, which they figure out isn’t real, Fen finds her way to the real, and very unsettling, Green-hooded lady… who tells her that she must remove High King Margo from Power. As per usual the SYFY channel really knows how to throw in a plot twist and major cliff-hanger.

GIF by Mia for The Game of Nerds Via The Magicians on SYFY

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