Ice Queen has been murdered. Prince Roan is now the king of the Ice Nation
New Chancellor starting war.

How can she call herself the Ice Queen? That throne is clearly made out of wood! Photo Credit: CW

In the latest episode of The 100, things happened, but only in spurts. Lots of slow build up. So let’s swim through all the filler and get to the important stuff. In the council, Lexa is finding the other clans are not supporting her like they once were. They were giving her a vote of no confidence. However to be overthrown it needs to have a 100% vote. Some clans were not acknowledging Clarke and the sky people’s legitimacy in the council as a negative vote. But they were reminded that they did take the branding mark to be the 13th clan. Since the vote of no confidence was swatted away, the Ice Queen turned to challenge Lexa to a fight to the death for the throne. Lexa, truthfully tired of the Ice Queen’s shit, accepted the challenge, the Ice Queen put her son in place as the champion to fight for them, Roan the prince. Lexa in turn called herself, saying she fights for herself. This made the Ice Queen happy.

Clarke thought that if she was to change her vote, or at least make the Ice Queen think she would, it would allow Lexa to live. So they devised a plan, with the help of Roan to try to get close enough to the Ice Queen to strike her down. Clarke had a meeting with the Ice Queen in her chambers. She tried to convince the Ice Queen she would change her vote and bond it in blood. When they were going to bind the bond in blood, the Ice Queen’s hand noticed that something didn’t add up, and jumped in to stop Clarke after smelling poison on the sleeve of her shirt. With that they told Clarke that blood would be shed and they in turn bound their bond in blood saying her hand would be the future queen as she has nights blood. Nights blood is black and seems to have a different volume then regular blood. What does nights blood really mean? I am not quite sure. This murder attempt started the Ice Nation declaring war against the Sky People.

The battle to the death for the throne came next. Roan would obviously be considered the favorite, as he is bigger and stronger. The two had a very epic back and forth battle. Lexa had the quickness and smarts to escape a number of times. After a really great battle scene, if you haven’t seen it take a look, Lexa had Roan dead to rights. The Ice Queen was yelling for Roan to get up to attack, Roan was telling Lexa to just do it. Lexa meanwhile was saying that blood did have to be shed today, and threw the spear towards the stage and impaled the Ice Queen instantly killing her. With that it in turn made Roan the new leader of the Ice Nation, and in theory granting him his freedom to go back to his home land. The Ice Nation people at the even started to sound off support for Roan. We are not quite sure if the call for war was given, or could be stopped yet.

Meanwhile back at Sky People’s base camp, their was a continuous struggle for power. Pike and his supporters kept saying that no grounder could be trusted and it’s time for war. They tried to go out at night to start an attack after securing guns. But were stopped and put into holding. The next morning however, a vote for chancellor happened and Pike won the job. So with his new found power, he pardoned him and his team, and declared war on the grounders. So the sky people have started to take the fight outside of base, but do they really know what or who they are up against? Previews show us we will know fairly quickly.