Episode 26 truly shows the “Bizarre” nature of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

This episode is the first time to have the gang of Bruno and Giorno not featured in any way. Instead it introduces us to Vinegar Doppio.


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First, it gives his back story. His mother was in prison and pregnant for two years. He was adopted by a priest, was considered rather unintelligent, and met a girl. Then the priest found Doppio’s dead mother buried under the house, somehow still alive. Doppio killed the priest and burned the town down. Back in the present of the story, Doppio has returned to Sardinia. A fortune teller confronts him and notices odd things about him.


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It is here it is revealed the Boss and Doppio are two separate souls living within the same body as the Boss part emerges to silence the fortune teller for having found out too much. Then he goes to where the picture is placed, waiting to see who will show up. Risotto Nero then shows up and confronts Doppio. He cleverly deduces that Doppio isn’t exactly the hesitant, cowardly fool he first appears to be and disappears over the cliff, after filling Doppio mouth with razors and his face with nails.


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I am continually impressed by the gruesomeness that this season is willing to portray. Most of the previous parts have been quite censored even in tamer moments while here everything is always portrayed. I was a little disappointed with David Production’s decision to move Doppio/the Boss’s backstory further up in the story. It kept more of the mystery about the character especially as, in story, Bruno’s team has yet to actually discover anything about the Boss. All of the extra material added into the background was appreciated though as anything more to flesh out characters is always a plus.


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Doppio is as amusing as he was in the manga, flipping from restrained to psycho at a moments notice and of course using “phones” to talk with his alternate personality the Boss.