Happy Quinn, what other secrets are you hiding under that devilishly gorgeous outer shell? In a game changing episode, sure to reset the entire course of the show, Happy revels that her secret marriage is the least of their concerns.

As badly as I want to skip the plot of the entire episode and go straight to last 5 minutes, I owe it to this column at least to explain what happened. So we start off with Toby taking drastic measures to discover the identity of Happy’s secret husband, which seems a bit ridiculous and kind of rude because Happy promised that she would explain the whole thing in due time, she just needed to sort some stuff out. But Toby has no chill and he visits MARK COLLINS, of all people, in prison to get some answers. Collins doesn’t have any answers but he does have a riddle: “something something water doesn’t lie still, but water still lies something add 50 and you’ll have the name of Happy’s husband.” This riddle is completely nonsensical and Toby spends the episode pouring over it. The riddle could have simply been “Add 50 to water” and the result would have been the same.

So the main plot commences with an autistic schoolmate of Ralph’s who gets lost at a museum. I can’t for the life of me understand how that happened because Ralph was with him the whole time, I don’t understand how Ralph could have left this child by himself. Anyways, the team discovers that the iPad the boy was playing with was accidentally swapped with the iPad of some bad guys (of course it was), so now the team must track him down before he gets into serious trouble. So first they ask his mom where the kid would likely have gone, and she says he likes trains and then — you know what, I can’t do this. I seriously cannot bring myself to care about this when we have MUCH more pressing issues. Long story short, the kid almost dies in a silo but he doesn’t because Team Scorpion saves him! Hooray!

AND NOW THE GOOD STUFF: In the final minutes of the episode, Toby deduces that the “50” in the Collins’ riddle is referring the Roman numeral “L”. Add 50 (L) to ‘water’ and who is Happy married to? WALTER! So this turn of events shocks the team, and Paige doesn’t believe it, until Walter himself admits it. He says that they married five years so Walter could get his green card from Ireland, and they needed to remain married for two more years before Walter could gain citizenship. This raises lots of questions, like did Megan have a green card? Megan and Sylvester actually did get legally married, and if this was the case wouldn’t Sylvester HAVE to know that she wasn’t a legal citizen? Did Cabe know Walter wasn’t a citizen of the United States? Can you even work in Homeland Security if you aren’t a legal citizen of the US?! For very obvious reasons I would guess no, so how Walter pulled that off I’m not sure. Also, why in the world Happy and Walter need to keep this marriage a secret? Yes, upon hearing the news Walter promptly sprung and tackled Walter to the ground, but this issue probably could have been explained years ago.

Walter says that after just two more years he will have his citizenship and can divorce Happy, to which Happy interjects to say that actually, she needs that divorce now. The team stares at her and in the last seconds of the ep she drops the biggest bomb of all; She’s pregnant.

WOAH WHAT?! Yep, as actually Cabe deduced from her strange behavior the whole day, Happy is pregnant. And this is going to change everything we know about Team Scorpion. What do you guys think of this major plot twist?