In 1964, a new kind of game show premiered on American television. Those quiz shows had been ubiquitous in the early days of TV, Jeopardy was unique in that the contestants were given the answers and had to come up with the questions. With Art Fleming serving as host, the show had a long run ending in 1979. In 1984, Jeopardy was back and better than ever. Alex Trebek, the consummate host helmed the show which continues in syndication to this day, despite Alex’s tragic passing. Jeopardy begins its 38th season this week and promises to continue to entertain its legion of fans. The first of a series of guest hosts started off the season with an excellent week of running the show.

Week One’s Host

Though in many fans’ minds, no one could ever fill Alex’s shoes, this week’s host did an outstanding job by all accounts. Former Wheel of Fortune and The Price Is Right executive producer, Mike Richards stepped up to the podium and got Jeopardy off to a great start. A good-looking man who is well put together, Mike radiated confidence and showed his knowledge as he interacted with the contestants. As Alex always did and would have certainly wanted, Mike made the contestants the focus of the show.

Sadly, Mike will only host this first week as some jokes he made on a podcast a decade ago were brought to light by an overly sensitive member of cancel culture. Mike apologized and offered to take sensitivity training but in the end, decided to step down after one week. It is a loss for Jeopardy and its fans.

Will the Streak Continue?

The new season started with a bang as reigning champion, Matt Amodio, a computer science PhD candidate from New Haven, Connecticut carries an 18-game winning streak into this week. During his reign, Matt has won over $574,801 and growing. It will be thrilling to see how much longer he can keep fending off his worthy challengers, holding on to his title and adding to his winnings. 

A group of diverse people from across the nation are set to try to take down Mr. Amodio this week. It will be an exciting the rest of the week for viewers to see these challengers attempt to claim the title of Jeopardy champion. Who will end up with the title after Friday’s show? Tune in to watch the action and find out.

A Tribute to Alex

Alex Trebek hosted far more episodes of Jeopardy than anyone in the show’s history. The legendary television personality is synonymous with the show with its legion of fans. For many, Alex will forever be the host. Jeopardy’s producers are paying tribute to Alex’s legacy. At the top of Monday’s first episode, Jeopardy announcer Johnny Gilbert informed the audience of the news. Sony Pictures Studios’ Stage 10 will now be called “Alex Trebek Stage“. The news was greeted enthusiastically by the fans present. In this way, Alex Trebek will always be present at each show. It is a fitting and well-deserved honor.

The loss of Alex Trebek was felt by all of the Jeopardy family, its fans and all of television. Though no one could ever truly take his place, Mike Richards did an excellent job starting things off in week one. For now, a string of guests will handle the hosting duties starting with former Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik in week two. 

Jeopardy, perhaps the greatest game show of all time, will continue into season 38 and beyond with all the Daily Doubles and buzzer beaters you’ve come to love. Make sure you catch the exciting first week in this new era of Jeopardy.