Virtual Farmers Are Eagerly Awaiting “Pumpkin Days”

Diversity and customization make this pending game a showstopper.

By now it’s no surprise that I love farming simulators. Tilling virtual land is so serine and the lack of instant gratification is refreshing. It takes a few in game days for the crops to grow or for the cows to be milked again, I just adore the feeling of accomplishment and the satisfying feeling of getting my farm to look exactly the way I want it. I also love a good romance story and irreplaceable NPCs. All these aspects scream a perfect game to me and when I say I found a new gem, I’m not exaggerating. Now I’d like to present to you, Pumpkin Days.

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Pumpkin Days is currently in the early stages of creating the beta but, is looking forward to a summer release. It is a farming and dating RPG that boasts a multiplayer mode with some crazy unique features. Yes, there is farming, fishing, mining, and romance but, Pumpkin Days brings more to the table than just the bare necessities. There is exploration with over 300 items to find and quests doled out by NPCs. In the future the developer, Pumpkin Interactive, would love to add bug catching, animal breeding, fossil and artifact hunting, as well as the ability to raise a child with your spouse.


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In addition to the amazing features listed above, players can marry other players or NPCs regardless of their gender. Along that note, the character customization is also non-binary, body sliders allow gamers to create their character to fit the avatar they envision. These options allow for more diversity in the video game world and characters can feel more authentic. Customization doesn’t stop with player’s avatars either, one can decorate their farms inside and out with crafted items and can choose from over 300 patterns and colors. These options are virtually unheard of in this genre and it has me speechless to say the least.


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Aside from all the features listed above, the graphics look spectacular. The cheery characters, gorgeous sunsets, and carefully crafted flowers sucked me right in. I mean, just look at that pearly white sand, who wouldn’t want to live in this mystic land? It’s clear to me why Pumpkin Days was funded on Kickstarter and it’s an honor to be able to share this with fellow virtual farming enthusiasts. I am immensely excited to play Pumpkin Days and have already added it to my Steam Wishlist.

Source: Pumpkin Days

In the end, I am hoping with how many ways one can customize their character, that the NPCs will reflect this as well and hope to have a variety of different marriage candidates. In addition, to this I would love to see how the multiplayer aspect will affect gameplay and if one will be able to progress in quests with their friends. Overall, Pumpkin Days checks all my boxes for what a great video game need and much more.

Check out beta footage below!



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