A Lick Of Frost By Laurell K. Hamilton Merry Gentry Series Book 6

Rhys, Galen and Abeloec are being questioned by the human police because King Taranis of the Seelie Court accused the men supposedly on behalf of the Lady Catarin. King Taranis goes nuts completely. Sir Hugh decides to make the nobles vote King Taranis off the throne and put Merry on it. After telling Queen Andias and she going completely insane to the point of torturing Crystall in response to the offer and believing that Merry already took up the offer.

Merry finally brings Ash and Holly into their powers. When she consumed a tear she shed the Faerie sithen appears again as do the fae dogs. As the magick starts the men that are touching are fine. The men that are not crumple to the ground. All but Frost eventually rise again. Merry is ripped apart with the thought that Frost is lost to her forever when he finally does rise as a stag and runs off. In the sithen Merry finds out she is pregnant with twins and possibly triplets. Each twin has three fathers. Doyle, Frost, Galen, Rhys, Mistral and King Sholto.

King Taranis in his insanity, knocks Merry out and may have raped. King Taranis now believes he is the father of Merry’s babies. What will become of King Taranis and the Seelie Court? Will frost come back? Read the book and let me know what you think in the comments below. Til next week…


Author: Andie Boyungs

I am a wife, mother, writer and nerd. My dad cultivated my love of sci-fi as a child and I haven’t looked back since. I love myth and magic. I am an avid reader and love TV and movies. I love the movies Willow and Legend and the Star Trek ones both old and new. Laurell K. Hamilton, who writes the Anita Blake and Merry Gentry series, and Jim Butcher, who writes the Harry Dresden series, are probably my top two favorite authors. I love learning and writing about mythology and there is so much out there to learn, see and imagine. Come fly away with me.

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