Pat and two strangers invaded the beach house in Malibu. Melissa killed one of the men. Pat snapped and tried to kill everyone. The group fled (now including the surviving stranger who showed up with Pat, Lewis) and found a new home in a self sustaining building. Carol, who is pregnant, asks Gail to adopt her, so that her child can have a grandma. Gail reluctantly agrees. Melissa wants a baby with Todd, but Todd is worried about her mental state ever since she killed that person. Gail needs some alone time. She gets drunk and goes in the wrong building on the same lot. After power surges, Lewis cut the power to the other buildings to make their energy last longer. Very logical decision. However, Gail was inside an elevator at the time, and since no one realizes she’s missing, she ends up stranded there for days. The season ends with Gail pulling out her gun and putting the single last bullet in. We hear her shoot, and we’re supposed to assume she killed herself. It’s an end-of-the-world show, so the writers aren’t shy about death. We’ve had plenty of characters die (or possibly die – I’m looking at you, Mike Miller) already, so this might really be it for Gail Kloserman. (Let’s hope not, though.)


Image Source: The Last Man on Earth on FOX